Goat Kefir a Leaky Gut Trigger?

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    Apparently it is for me!. I was drinking one cup each morning and one cup each evening. I had a feeling that maybe it was causing me some digestive problems, so I took a break from it, and then tried a 1/4 cup two nights in a row, and instantly got what I call “pregnant belly” from it. So uncomfortable and painful and just makes me feel, overall sick.

    My experience as a person with Leaky Gut is that when I eat something consistently like that, it can easily become something I react to. And goat milk is a bit iffy for me anyway. I can’t do cow’s milk at all, but can get away with some goat milk. That’s my sense of what happened—am curious if others think it could be a leaky gut reaction?

    So currently I am just taking my probiotic and not any kefir. Do I need to start making coconut milk kefir? I have to admit, prior to starting this diet, coconut milk was something I reacted to as well, so am feeling skeptical. Also, what do you use to make coconut kefir? Canned coconut milk?

    I’m so worried right now that I am screwing this up by not having any probiotic right now other than the pills I am taking. Should I up my dosage? I am currently take 100/day.

    Thanks for your thoughts and advice!

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