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    Hi ,
    If you read my last post in this section you will understand where I am going with this one. There is an entirely new field of science developing that has proven difficult for me to research because there is alot of disagreement and misinformation on the web, mainly from people bad mouthing certain products. It is called glycoscience. I hope that I am describing it correctly but from what I understand it is based on the study of rare long chain sugars that are found in aloe and other plants. These sugars go by several names like ambrotose, mannose, polymannans etc… together they make glycoproteins. Glycoproteins are responsible for many different immune functions including T cell responses, that are necessary to win an intracellular battle against candida. Suppossedly they function as powerful immuno-modulators. Ironically these glyconutrients are SUGARS and function as very powerful prebiotics in the gut, but they seem to kill yeasts rather than feed them. They perform many other very important extracellular and intracellular functions, and have even been demonstrated to shut off blood supply to tumors. I read one study where ambrotose was successful at killing candida albicans in mice. Also D-mannose another sugar has been effective at clearing urinary tract infections. Really it seems difficult to find alot of info about it except many many testimonials about two products in particular Digestacure and Ambrotose curing a whole host of different diseases especially ones related to the intestines and leaky gut. Personally I started taking digestacure the other day and seem to be having a very serious die off of candida in my esophagus. Some people report die off so bad they have to stop taking it. Not sure what to make of it all yet but what I do know is that if glycoproteins are essential in immune function and T cell activity and the mannan from candida in the blood is already confusing the immune the system by presenting like glycoproteins I figure the more glycoproteins the better. There is evidence for all this but like I said it is difficult to find. Here is a link below to a youtube video by the man who discovered these glyconutrients in aloe. There is another video that surprised me of Dr. Ben Carson endorsing the product Ambrotose saying how he thinks it helped him. If you research you will how the company Mannatech that sells Ambrotose has had to deal with several law suits, but don’t let that stop you all from really researching this and getting to the bottom of it. I encourage you all to research this topic because there may be some actual science that backs this up. The connections I came up with I put together myself from reading a lot of different articles. Maybe someone else can jump in and back up these theories or tell about their experience using these products. I will keep reporting on my progress but if this esophagus burning is die off I will have to stop soon because it is really intense. The study done on ambrotose killing candida was done at Lubbock Texas University I will try to post it later.


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    Interesting video thank you for sharing about about Glyconutrients. I’ve hear of Mannatech’s Ambrotose Complex before but have never used it and don’t remember much about it.

    I’ve wondered about a lot of products
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    For health remedies I prefer real food and juicing, herbs and lifestyle over even supplements and for sure over OTC solutions and prescription meds are at the bottom of my choices.

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