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    Hi All,

    I’m on my 6th day of the diet and doing well (apart from not realising i couldn’t eat carrots until today!)

    Just wondering if it is okay to eat the Gluten Free bread from the supermarket as bread is the one thing i am missing the most and i have seen a few recipes for bread on here but i am a terrible baker and would not have a clue as to where I can purchase some of the flours needed to make them 🙁

    Thanks for your help and support.



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    Hello, Lydia.

    Gluten free bread is fine as long as it isn’t made from wheat but coconut flour instead, and this is because you’re still in the first week of the diet. Later, you can perhaps try adding almond flour breads. The bread is very easy to make, just follow the simple recipe shown on the forum. Even a guy can bake this bread. =)

    If you can’t find the flour in a local health food store, Amazon carries it. It’s called Bob’s Red Mill organic coconut flour, and the Red Mill website carries it as well as Amazon.



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    Explore the other breads that you can make at home (from forums). I saw some gluten free bread at the store and it contained honey and wheat pastry flour. I was like cmon!

    I like the pumpkin pie bread (muffin recipe turn it into bread).

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