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    I really feel the need to share my experience with regards to gluten. I was tested several times through blood tests for celiac and gluten intolerance. They all came back negative, not showing any reaction or sensitivity. My functional doctor ordered a test for a genetic intolerance to gluten, only then did the results show I carry 2 genes for gluten sensitivity. The test is very simple, you just swab the inside of your cheek to gather some skin cells. My sister-in-law also carries 2 genes. She was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis years ago, doctors told her she may have to get a colostomy at the age of 30, and prescribed for her to be on steroids indefinitely. 2 weeks after going gluten free ALL of her horrible symptoms were gone, and have been for over a year!

    I would like to encourage anyone who may think gluten is a problem for them to have a genetic test performed. Obviously, blood work doesn’t tell the whole story.

    Have a wonderful day, especially if you’re experiencing ‘die-off’ and feel horrible!!


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    I have a gluten intolerance that a blood test showed. I stopped eating any gluten for a while but then slowly introduced some things back in. I now know my limits and I know the bigger food triggers. So I can tolerate some gluten but I have to be careful.

    Good luck to you


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    I hate to tell you this – but no gluten at all. Even if you aren’t showing any effects, the gluten is still damaging and destroying your system. We all need our guts to live, without them we would be dead. If you know you are intolerant, you know one thing that can prevent serious issues later down the road. People do die from celiac disease. 🙁

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