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    At the end of January this year, I just moved house and got engaged. I also got thrush. Thrush which came back three times after over-the-counter treatment and then didn’t go away. Since then I have seen a specialist who placed me on the candida diet, diazole (antifungal) capsules once every two days, and told me to take probiotics every day. One month later, no improvement. The diazole dose has been increased to two capsules (each 100mg) per day (I’m sure my liver isn’t celebrating) and I moved to ProGurt (a 1 trillion per-packet probiotic). Fast forward another month and still no improvement at all. I have been following the diet very strictly. I haven’t had any treats like cake or pasta (not even on my birthday). The most naughty thing I’ve eaten is a small piece of minute steak (super thin steak); and that was only once in two months. Other than that it’s just vegetables on the allowed list, chicken, egg, probiotic yoghurt, sauerkraut, quinoa, buckwheat and allowed nuts.

    I’ve lost 6kg, which is over 10% of my total body weight. I now weigh only 49kg and I’m 25 years old. This diet makes me supremely depressed; all the joy seems gone from life. I can’t travel because I can’t eat. I can’t go out with my fiancĂ© or friends because I can’t eat. I’m stuck at home preparing meals from scratch that take up all my time. Preparing in bulk doesn’t work since most of this stuff tastes disgusting when defrosted.

    Worst of all, the first 6 months with my fiancĂ© in our new home have been devoid of love and all sexual contact. It’s putting a huge strain on our relationship . The diet would be acceptable if it was at least getting rid of my thrush.

    Is there any way for me to get rid of my thrush quickly? Even if it’s just a local relief and the diet continues for long term treatment in my gut? I desperately want to be intimate with my partner and show him I care. Please help.


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    If you drink kombucha this will consume all of the thrush in your mouth temporarily.

    If you do an s.boulardii protocol with kombucha this should reduce yeast numbers also temporarily. This protocol involves purchasing the s.boulardii yeast probiotic from the store or online and drinking kombucha every day (just 1-2 servings) and sticking to the diet.

    Here are other ways other people have gotten better and these are the typical methods people use:

    You might want to consider going to a new ND. I’ve never heard of anyone taking diazole to cure their vaginal woes and this does not do anything in regards to yeast as far as I can tell, it works on other bacteria, etc.

    As far as weight gain, I would look into making homemade teff bread and eating this 1-2x per day. You can eat out plenty on the diet if you know how to do it, for instance, most ethnic food is pretty ok for the diet such as indian food, some chinese, some mexican, greek food, ethiopian food, etc. Also a lot of places have salad bars so this is half your meal there, and bring in some breads to supplement this and/or other stuff you can make or purchase for diet. Chicken and rice is pretty safe for diet. Beans are a good weight gain food so consider checking out hummus, etc.

    A good way to make food in bulk is to make soups and soups freeze just fine typically. A quick meal or snack is to make a nutri-bullet. You can make a few days worth of salad at once too if desired.



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    Thanks so much for your reply. I have indeed found a Greek restaurant that has skewers of meat and cabbage salad that I can eat. I treated myself to some lamb skewer (a small amount) since I can’t cook it at home and shouldn’t have too much red meat anyways.

    I will be going to a new doctor for a second opinion on Tuesday. I am worried that the Diazole is affecting my liver, plus it doesn’t seem to be working. Vaginal thrush is still here (note I don’t have oral thrush). I’ve decided to stop taking Diazole until my liver function test results come back.

    I read the post you linked me too and it reminded me of something I read on an external site long ago; about biofilms. It made a lot of sense to me that I can’t kick the infection because the bacteria is protecting itself. I bought a product called ‘Digestease’ (or something similar) which is basically a bunch of digestive enzymes. I’ve been taking it on and off for three days and I don’t know if it is coincidence or what but I have noticed a slight improvement.

    Thank you for your support. I can’t wait to get rid of this thrush.

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