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    After getting no effect from GSE, SF722, oil of oregano, and ACV, and then “” “” from expensive probiotics such as CP1, Prescript Assist, and Ultimate Flora, I’ve got to look further. I’m enthused and taking EDTA, and have stopped taking Magnesium for the time.

    I’m also going to take Lactoferrin on the days when not taking the EDTA.
    I’m also taking S Boulardii.

    I tend to have elevated iron, even though I don’t take iron, so EDTA and/or Lactoferrin might be a blessing for me. I seem to be getting loose bowels from EDTA and NAC. I just began it last night.

    NAC is also supposed to be a very good biofilm disrupter (up to 62%).

    Can you tell me about how long I should avoid magnesium, or do I play it by ear?



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    SF722 works on biofilms and check out royal jelly and fermented cod liver oil. Also consider trying HMF neuro as a probiotic.

    Also check out digestive enzymes.


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