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    Is fruit on the diet really that bad? I know it is sugar but it is natural. Is it just any sugar is bad?


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    My understanding is that fruit, natural sweeteners like honey and carbohydrate-rich and starchy foods like rice or potatoes aren’t advised on the diet because even though they are natural, they still break down to fructose/glucose which is what processed sugar is. The body does not recognize it as any differently, whether processed or natural so it becomes fuel for candida.

    I will let an expert chime in though.

    The only fruits I can think of that are allowed on the safe list are lemons, limes, apricots, tomatoes and coconuts at least on stage one.


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    Indeed the sugars will set you back.
    Regardless of the origin, sugar is the primary food of candida, and any chance they get, they will use it to continue making you feel worse.
    The thing to consider is that fruits contain many vital nutrients, some of which will help you fight this illness. But unfortunately the sugar will offset that goodness.
    Natural sugar is is obviously tons better than processed, but still not recommended for the diet.

    Some low sugar fruits include
    Limes, Lemons, apricots and berries.

    The best is lemons, since they are antimicrobial, so they can kill candida and parasites, but also your beneficial flora, so go easy on them. The rest you can decide for yourself how much you can tolerate based on your candida symptoms. I would only consume these later on after a few weeks/months into the diet.


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    At the beginning of your treatment the fruit is bad but later in your treatment it isn’t that big of a deal.


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