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    I was not getting good results with simple sugar water with my grains (raw organic cane sugar and filtered water – 3 batches) so I switched to fruit juice and coconut water. My grains reacted very well and really exploded in size and activity.

    First I used coconut water and they loved it – and the final result was fantastic. Then I used unfiltered organic apple juice – again the grains almost made the juice bubble over. Now I am trying orange juice.

    My first question is how many people use fruit juice? How much success have you had? I hear that it can be bad for the grains and that you should use sugar water periodically, but I have not had success. Would it be OK to only use fruit juice? What are your favorite fruit juices?

    Second, I recently left my grains in some apple juice for WAY too long, probably 5 days. when I took them out they looked shriveled and generally sickly. I assume this is because I starved them. Should I be worried about my next batch? I put them in 100% orange juice right afterwards. What should I look out for?

    Any information, direction and similar experiences would be greatly appreciated, and of course if there are other threads you know about please let me know.




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    You are correct, you did unfortunately starve them. I would go through a hydration process with them to get them back to health. That would consist of putting them into some sugar water for 24 hours and then again for 24 hours usually.

    I wouldn’t drink the water because they need to regain their health to guarantee they are working well.

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