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    I thought that I had posted this before, and received no replies. So once again, I’ll give it another shot. There are no produce vendors within 8 miles of my home, so when I do get to the nearest produce provider with the ‘freshest inventory’, (which is about 14 miles from home), I stock up. I would dearly appreciate any feedback from anyone who has experience in freezing their vegetables. Does freezing greatly effect the nutritional value of the vegetables? It would be so convenient to just dice up all the veggies, freeze them, and then just scoop out the necessary portion for that meal. As it stands, I have lost a lot of produce to rot.


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    Most of what I’ve read says that storing frozen vegetables for a couple weeks isn’t any worse nutritionally than trying to keep fresh vegetables in the fridge for a week.

    Keep in mind that you should blanch your vegetables before you freeze them.

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