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    ok this is a bit of a moan and also looking for help and your foughts on this,
    now i fought that all products, supplements, food etc have to state whether they have wheat,milk,gluten,yeast etc etc,

    now some products do and some dont, now with me im preety much allergic to everything so i dont want to chance it,

    now for example i have omega3, free from the following, no starch, no milk, no lactose, no glueten, no wheat,no yeast, which is great its free from everything so i know it cant effect me

    now i also have some vitamin c tablets thats labeled free from, lactose, yeast and glueten.. now my question is does this mean that this vitamin c has wheat, milk starch, in bascially everything that the above states?? if you get what im saying
    becusae it doesnt state all of them like the omega??

    and if it did have wheat milk starch in etc? wouldnt it say may contain wheat milk etc etc??

    looking at the ingredients it doesnt look like it has milk or wheat but it doesnt say it does or doesnt have it in? whats the law with the labelling?

    and do you think they are ok? i have this problem with 3/4 different types of pills im taking? that all say free from lactose yeast and glueten, but it says nothing about wheat, milk, gluten etc?

    please someone help, some confussed lol 🙂


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    You’ll have to read through the ingredients.

    To my knowledge, supplements don’t have to state that they are free from certain things.

    Although, if foods are produced in factories that process nuts, etc, they ave to state that.


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    yeah i have bee checking the igrendiets but i just dont know
    for example, garlic tablets contai.. soya bean oil, gelati, glycerine,silicon,dioxide,odourless garlic poweder

    now im guessing it contains soya, but what about wheat or milk etc?
    it says its free from lactose, yeast and gluten

    why does it say its free from some things and not others?

    so cofussed!


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    I would only worry about he sugar and fake sugars found in the supplements; maltodextrin, sorbitol, etc. I looked at some of the flu/cold stuff at a major store here in the US and sorbitol was the top ingredient. Some of these places just give you crap/worthless supplements.

    I wouldn’t worry about the stuff they are free from; I even take some standard process supplements that contain low amounts of lactose and it hasn’t set back my progress.

    You’ve become too paranoid about the vitamins and need to suck it up and take them.



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    ok i will take note of those fake sugars!

    you have hit the nail on the head!! im so paranoid its a joke! but thing is i have a rash on my neck! and im starting to think its something ive taken! even tho thats prob the paranoia doing that!!

    surely a little bit of something like you said isit going to effect me that much isit?

    am i being way to over the top!?

    i am taking this diet so dam serious!

    ive done so well and just worried im gonner f£%% me self up!

    cheers raster you have been of much help

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