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    I’m new here, but I felt the urge to tell my story and what I’ve found that works.

    Backstory: I’m 37, female, 115 lbs and I love cokes, beer, breads and carbs. I’ve been on antibiotics many times in the last 15 years. I’ve suffered with symptoms (melasma, thyroid, tiredness, inability to lose weight, bloating, swelling, etc.) for years and only recently figured out it was b/c of Candida, so I quit treating my symptoms and started treating Candida itself. I’ve tried several products, but didn’t change my diet. My Candida journey began when I tried The Cleaner for Women. I noticed my poop had white, sesame seed, looking specs in it. After much research, I realized it was Candida die-off. Once I finished The Cleaner, I was back feeling the same symptoms b/c I was consumed with bad habits.

    Present Story: Two months ago, I bought Kyolic for Candida and Milk Thistle. While taking it, I cut back on all my bad habits, cut back is the key word. I started eating salads and consuming lemon water in large amounts. I didn’t notice much change until 3.5 weeks into it. I started itching like crazy, headaches, muscle aches, extreme sugar cravings (I’ve never been a big sweet lover, except for cokes), etc. It was due to die-off, but this time it was actually dying off! Die-off is miserable! I almost stopped my journey, but decided to press on. I won’t say I’m free of the overgrowth, but I will say I feel better than ever. I’m actually working out again b/c I have energy now. My skin looks a million times better and I’ve lost most of the weight I couldn’t get rid of after babies. I’ve received zillions of compliments from people asking if I’ve had work done b/c I look so much better, brighter and happier. My thyroid function has improved. Really, everything has improved. I still experience die-off symptoms here and there (usually after I’ve dabbled in bad eating habits), but I feel like a new person!

    Advice: Try Kyolic for Candida with Milk Thistle and cut out Candida’s favorite foods and drinks for 10 days. You may want to add a probiotic during die-off. If you know people that believe they have a gluten allergy, talk to them about Candida. Candida loves gluten and I’m convinced people with gluten allergies actually have Candida Overgrowth.

    My life has changed and I’m grateful for Kyolic and a little determination. I wish the best for all of you.


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    Thank you for sharing. I would like to ask how you found out that you had candida? Was this a doctor diagnosis or did you self diagnose? I scored a 357 on the test (85+) means severe case but can’t seem to get a doctor to find it on tests. I do not need them to tell me, I am just curious how you figured it out. Thanks for any info!


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    This is awesome! I am on day 13 of the anti-candida diet and taking a supplement that has milk thistle but may be not enough. What dose are you taking? I think what I have is 275. I am also taking VSL3 sachet/packet but sparse amounts since it is a 450 billion culture whopping dose. Had really bad die-off the headache, dizzy and feeling tired but it is getting better but not good but at least I know there is a future that is bright.

    I don’t plan to revert back to anything other than this diet I don’t miss beer anymore and feel ok with eating antibiotic free meats and egg and veggies just knowing that I will look and feel better.

    Thanks for the feedback here!


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    Thanks Candidasurvivor for sharing your story.

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