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    Hey raster,

    i saw a post you responded to a couple months ago where you said you know a naturopath who can quickly heal vaginal infections. i have had an insanely stubborn case of yeast, and now bv…i feel i have tried everything, but if you feel this person is really good, id love to talk to him/her. could you pm me? thank you so much!


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    I’ve had recurring yeast infections & it sucks !
    It’s what led me to this website, forum, diet

    What works for me:
    – tea tree oil on a tampon (put little coconut oil on 1st as the tea tree oil can burn on its own)
    – Yin care, fragrance free (again using a tampon overnight)
    – sweat every day, get the toxins out
    – drink a lot of water

    They may cure your BV infections as well.
    Do you have an acupuncturist you can go to ?

    Btw there’s an old post where someone outlines a great list of what you can do to cure the yeast infection on this forum that I can’t seem to find. We have to be persistent & consistent with the cure to really rid ourselves.

    be well


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    Hey mo,

    Thanks so much. I actually do or have done all of those, w/ the exception of sweating every day. I probably should do that more.

    I do see an acupuncturist, and have for months…

    She prescribed the yin care and it didn’t get rid of the BV. NOTHING gets rid of my BV. Antibiotic cream actually works the best but doesn’t even get rid of it entirely.It’s crazy…I tried everything– ACV douches, H20 douches, tea tree oil tampons, folic acid, vaginal probiotics and of course take oral probiotics, am on the diet and drink kefir.

    It’s completely crazy. Something is VERY wrong in my body to cause these infections to not respond to anything.

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