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    Hello Able (and anybody else who is familiar with the subject),

    I know that taking certain medications is not a good advice for candida sufferers.

    Since I am still learning what is allowed and what is not, I would like to ask you two questions. I am about to start the cleanse and do not want to mess it up because of this issue..

    1. My career (medical field) required me to have a Hepatitis B vaccine and other shots.
    Do you think it will affect my candida treatment? I was about to start my cleanse but now that I know I need to have these shots, I preferred to wait and to ask for your opinion.
    Should I wait with starting the treatment for after the shots? Do you think these shots will affect the treatment?

    2. Do you know anything about the medication called “Spironolactone” and its effect on candida? It is a diuretic and I am taking it for years. It helps me significantly with fluid retention and bloatedness.
    Do you think I should stop this medication when starting the candida treatment? I do not want to take something that will continue trigger the candida when I am actually trying to aggressively fight it off.

    I would appreciate any advice,
    Thank you!!

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