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    First off, thanks for this forum. It’s going to be really helpful as I go through this very restrictive diet.
    I just hope many more people will register and join the conversation.

    I have a couple questions about the diet:

    1. For breakfast, are millet grits appropriate?

    2. Can I drink rice milk? I used to buy this brand, “Rice Dream,” but I’m not sure it works for the diet because it contains carbohydrates. How can I find out if I can drink it?

    3. I keep reading that fruits are not good for the diet, but in the recipe section, I see an apple-walnut parfait. It’s so good (I tried it) but isn’t it going to reduce the effectiveness of the diet? The parfait requires about half an apple. Is it okay to eat half an apple each day, when on the candida diet?

    4. What do you think about spelt bread with sprouted grains (sunflower and pumpkin seeds). It’s apparently yeast-free but I dont see any “gluten-free” label on it. Can I eat this bread?

    Thank you so much for your help.

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    Millet, spelt and sprounted grain are ok in small amounts once you are feeling better. Feel it out and see if it causes any problems for you or not.

    Rice milk is also ok without any added sugar but home made almond milk is the best I believe. I saw the recipe on this website.

    If you have a bad case of Candida I would stay clear of fruit. It converts to sugar which candida love..not good. A little low sugar fruit once in awhile as a treat when you are in better will be ok, but not while you are strictly try to eliminate it.

    Good luck


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    Regarding rice milk, home made nut and seed milk are defintely better for the candida diet. Grain milks have simple carbohydrates..bad for candida.

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