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    I have been following the diet for a few months now, and after I started taking the probiotics since 2 weeks I’m starting to see the differences. My tongue and gums aren’t totally white as before, i can feel my mouth a lot cleaner, it’s dry and no phlegm. Then my skin broke out in a few areas and there’s dizziness once in a while. Apart from that I don’t see any major die off symptoms. I take 11-strain probiotics and my antifungals are just garlic and apple cider vinegar. I dont take any other supplements. So I’m wondering maybe i’m not giving my body enough anti-fungals hence the die-off is minimal/slow. pls suggest.

    Also, is it ok to eat yogurt and little rice during die-off?

    And once you’re cured, how do you slowly re-introduce foods to your diet? How often do you eat gluten now?

    Really appreciate if these qustions are answered 🙂

    Now my diet includes oat bran for breakfast, buckwheat flour pancakes with curries (cooked in VCO/Ghee/butter) for meals, coconut chutney, almonds, avocados, cucumbers, greens, eggs once in a while, quinoa, wheatgrass juice, papaya (once in a while), pretty much that;s it :(.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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