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    Hey everyone! I hope you guys can help me think of some ways to gain weight while following the diet. I used to weigh about 195 pounds(im 6’3) but after getting c.diff and now candida I’m down to a measly 140ish pounds. I REALLY need to start gaining some weight back and increasing my caloric intake(i need 2100 to maintain and 2600-2900 to gain). I’ve been following the diet pretty well for about 3-4 months now. And am slowly feeling better, but still have some lingering symptoms(thrush, etc)

    I can’t eat coconut flour as it makes me REALLY constipated(even when I drink a lot of water)

    Any suggestions on food to eat? How about a half a cup or cup of nuts a day if i soak them in lemon juice,acv or something like that?



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    Hi TDog, I’m having the same problem as you, so I did a little research a few days ago and made this list:

    Quinoa – 222 calories per cooked cup

    Peanut butter – 100 calories per tablespoon

    A medium avocado has 276 calories

    Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, peanuts, raw or toasted – 160 to 190 calories per ounce.

    Olive oil – 120 calories per tablespoon

    I’m probably going to implement the olive oil, because it’s the easiest. If you mix 10 tablespoons into your drinks and food throughout the day, you’ve added 1,200 calories to your diet. That’s quite a bit. I’ll keep my eyes open on this thread as well for other suggestions.



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    Unfortunately tdog, you should not have peanut butter whatsoever on the diet because if you do, you won’t get much better. It is very high in mold! An alternative would be fresh almond butter. If its the stuff thats been sitting in containers for a long time, it is too old for the diet.

    Quinoa is also something you should not consume on the diet. A good alternative is buckwheat.

    I would look no further than teff:

    Do you have leaky gut tdog? Are you working out?



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    Yeah i figured peanut butter has a lot of mold otherwise I would love that.

    How are other nuts like almonds?

    I’ve been using a lot of oil, (probably 3 TB of coconut and 4TB olive 4 TB flax every day) and that seems to help.

    I just had some teff for breakfast and it seemed to digest well(i know pretty quick if it’s not gonna work out cause my stomach will really hurt for a couple hours).

    I’m not sure if I have leaky gut or what. I had colonoscopy done which said lower colon was a bit inflamed, and ileum was inflamed. Endoscopy said everything was good but stomach had one small red inflamed patch.

    What would the symptoms be? Thanks for the replies guys!


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    I’d suggest avocados, coconut manna (it tastes like a coconut version of peanut butter), coconut oil, olive oil, buckwheat flour breads and a porridge of equal parts buckwheat groats, oat bran and hemp seeds with water or kefir milk. Kefir milk cheese is another possibility, though I haven’t tried to make that yet.

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