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    I fully understand the need to avoid food leftovers because of the liklihood of mould forming on it however this got me to thinking about coconut bread (and other baking) which is highly regarded on this forum. Now it is not really practical to bake a small piece of coconut bread each time you fancy some nor it probably wise to eat a whole loaf at the same time so what do others do when doing baking.

    Do they freeze what is not going to be eaten immediately or perhaps the coconut which is an anti fungal is not as prone to mold forming on it, perhaps it has alonger window when it is still ok to eat without mould forming. Has anyone got any suggestions as to how they deal with preserving baking


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    Hello, James.

    I’ve never tried to freeze the coconut bread, but it should definitely be kept refrigerated from the beginning.



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    The coconut bread lasts very well in the fridge; for me I eat 2 slices per day and the loaf lasts 6-7 days. I make a double batch!

    I highly recommend the buckwheat/teff/coconut flour bread!

    As far as other foods, I do not eat leftovers and don’t recommend eating them widely. Some things last better than others, but I wouldn’t eat anything older than a day myself; I guess I just really picky about fresh food!



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    I freeze my bread and still enjoy it. I freeze mine because I make large loafs cause during the week I am very busy. Plus, since they have lots of eggs in them, I wasn’t sure how long they would last in the fridge. Wanted to be extra careful.

    I put them in the microwave for a few seconds to unfreeze quickly or let them sit out for a few minutes before I eat them. Works well for me because I can make several different loafs (coconut, buckwheat) and then rotate them throughout the week and have them still last.

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