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    Years ago (8 years ago maybe) I started to develop a sore around my mouth, like a cold sore that took up most of my face, it would flair up and then almost dissappear and then flair up again, it was VERY painful and embarrassing , I also had extreme fatigue, crazy heart burn and difficulting falling or staying asleep.

    I struggled with this for a little more than a year before i finally found something that worked (and got rid of the mouth thing *clownlips) – but in the midst of that search I discovered I probably had candida, I ordered some fivelac (they had it in pill form then, though i can’t find it now) and it seemed to work, as long as i was taking it (i also did the powder stuff too) but kept coming back-

    recently I moved away from my whole family and all my friends to be closer to my fiance, got a new job, new church, new everything. It was probably the stress of this that caused it to flair up again.

    I got a little rash on my cheek in july, a week later it had swollen and was very painful. I went against my best judgment and got on a plane to fly back home to oregon for my wedding and instead of going home I went strait to the hospital, turns out I had Celulitus (a type of staph infection) which was able to enter and attack my body due to my very weak immune system (from years of fighting candida)

    due to my very painful and swollen face i spent 4 days on an antibiotic iv drip and then the next 7 days on an oral antibiotic (and thank God my face looked normal again by my wedding)- but due to those antibiotics the candida got worst

    I now experience all the old symptoms plus a few new ones- scabs on my head, soar/itchy knees and elbows, hot flashes, cold sweats, and insane sugar craving (and complete loss of sex drive which sucks since i’m a newlywed of just 4 months)

    I did get the fivelac again (i don’t believe it to be a cure for me but it dose help) and i was suckered by the candida cure website and saved up to buy the ridiculously expensive cost- it did help but it’s not gone.

    I have found this site, spent a few hours reading your posts- I am planning to (after Christmas when i have money again) and Olive leaf supplement and SF722.

    I can’t do the candida diet – I’m a newly wed, a broke one at that and i can’t ask my husband to go on a crazy diet for no reason and i don’t have the time or money to buy and prepare different food than the stuff i make for him.

    I wanted to ask you guys what suppliments and foods you guys have used and found success with????


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    aileenrstrong;51758 wrote:

    I can’t do the candida diet – I’m a newly wed, a broke one at that and i can’t ask my husband to go on a crazy diet for no reason and i don’t have the time or money to buy and prepare different food than the stuff i make for him.

    The candida diet is a huge part of getting rid of Candida. It’s not fun, but it’s necessary.

    There will be others on the forum here who are more experienced that can help you, but diet- yeah you’re going to have to make some changes, Candida food isn’t terrible so i’m sure you can make things you’ll both like. But if you HAVE to cook for him, then you’ll HAVE to cook Candida friendly foods. If you aren’t starting the diet until after christmas, during christmas try to have as little sugar and yeast as possible- you don’t want to feed the beast too much 🙂

    All the best! Like I said- others here will help you more than I can!


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    Diet can be alot easier than you think. You dont need crazy or exotic foods. Just eat whole foods, stay away from anything that has sugar in it. Read the package, if it has more than a couple grams of sugar per the serving that your going to eat, stay away from it. Look up foods for starch content and keep that lower. Fried carbs like chips and some crackers are off limits. Go easy on carrots and beets. Eat things like oatmeal and eggs for breakfast, veges, wild or brown rice and meats for lunch/dinner. Snack on nuts and seeds. Dont go crazy limiting the carbs. Stay away from fruit for a while. If you add fruit back in, keep it to small amounts of fresh berries on an empty stomach. People are having the most success with Saccharomyces Boulardii. Its a yeast-eating yeast that also gets rid of alot of other nasty bacteria and promotes a good immune response in the gut. Some people do not tolerate yeast though, as the immune system can become sensitive to it, all bad symptoms are not caused by die off. You can use that with sf722, but no other antifungal. Go easy starting your antifungal protocol, die off can be bad for some. See how a few months of that help you.


    Vegan Catlady
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    I am new here too but I just had to say how sorry I am for your situation…
    my son is 12 and has been on antibiotics so many times recently. He has terrible chest pains, heart racing/pounding, dizziness, and since last July- impetigo.

    I suffer from candida, but now im pretty sure he is suffering too.

    I am told what you both suffer from is common (the bacterial infection)…but then so is candida overgrowth.

    Im doing some research on deficiencies and candida, do you know what your hemoglobin number is?
    Are you anemic?


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    I am anemic, have been my whole life. and no clue what my hemoglobin number is.


    Vegan Catlady
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    Wow, this is making so much sense!

    I am willing to bet there is a direct connection with low iron/anemia/low hemoglobin and candida overgrowth, and especially with bacterial infections like impetigo and staph.

    Anemia and Infection

    Daniel M. Musher

    + Author Affiliations

    Infectious Diseases Section, Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center, and Department of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas

    Reprints or correspondence: Dr. Daniel M. Musher, Infectious Diseases Section (11/G), Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center, 2002 Holcombe Blvd., Houston, TX 77030 ([email protected]).

    Sir—Talbot et al. [1] ask whether a need for perioperative blood transfusion predicts susceptibility to infection or whether a transfusion itself is somehow immunosuppressive. My interpretation is that anemia predisposes to acute bacterial infection. My colleagues and I [2, 3] have reported a strong association between anemia and infections due to gram-positive bacteria. In 17 (33%) of 52 patients with bacteremic pneumococcal pneumonia and in 10 (21%) of 48 patients with nonbacteremic pneumococcal pneumonia, the hemoglobin level at the time of admission to the hospital was ⩽10 g/dL (the overall rate of anemia, based on a stringent definition, was 27%) [2]. Among patients with Staphylococcus aureus infection, 56% had a hematocrit of ⩽33% at the time of referral to an infectious diseases service for consultation [3].

    Maintaining a high hemoglobin level and high oxygen saturation significantly reduces the risk of progression to death for patients who have severe sepsis or septic shock [4]. We may not know the mechanism, but I do believe that a low hemoglobin concentration predispose to acute bacterial infection, probably by means of reduced oxygen saturation at potentially infected sites.


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    Vegan Catlady;52482 wrote: Wow, this is making so much sense!

    I am willing to bet there is a direct connection with low iron/anemia/low hemoglobin and candida overgrowth

    There is a documented case of Candida causing autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA). It’s described on page 87 in The Missing Diagnosis by Orian Truss MD. There is a test named the Coomb’s Test that checks for this. For the case in the book, it took a few weeks of Nystatin therapy for the patient’s red blood cell count to rise, and three years of Nystatin therapy to reach a full cure.


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