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    Hello! This is my first post but I’ve been a very grateful lurker over the past couple of months. My diet has been going very well but I ran into something I hope to find some help with.

    As mentioned in the subject, I discovered athlete’s foot a few days ago. I have zero history of athlete’s foot and after a considerable amount of time on the candida diet as well as diets somewhat similar to it, I’m worried that I’m not using anti-fungals aggressively enough or doing something else that might be causing me to relapse. Here’s a bit of background info:

    I’ve been treating food sensitivities since September 2012. Test results showed sensitivities to baker’s yeast, gluten, malt, egg yolks, brazil nuts, red beans, flax seed and red pepper. Although my doctor didn’t mention Candida, she did advise me to eliminate all cheese, alcohol, processed sugar and mushrooms also. I stuck to this diet until I learned that fruits needed to be eliminated as well. This was February 2013.

    I continued on this diet religiously until I found this website in August and finally eliminated all grains. Currently I’m eating an organic diet of eggs, chicken, beef, wild salmon, spinach, kale and other greens, olives (not aged in vinegar), artichokes, broccoli, plain greek yogurt (no pectin), olive oil, almonds, pecans, tomatoes, onions and avocados.

    I take oregano oil, coconut oil, grape seed extract and raw garlic 2-3 times a day. Although since September 13 I had weaned off to 1 anti-fungal each meal and have increased my probiotic intake to 4 capsules a day (alternating between Udo’s Super 8 Hi-Potency and Raw’s Ultimate Care).

    I experienced a pretty heavy die-off early on in August. So it seems weird that I would just now develop a fungal infection like athlete’s foot. Am I wrong? Is it possible that this is related to a shift in less anti-fungal use and more probiotic use? Or is this simply normal? Thanks in advance for any advice.


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    The other thing that occurs to me is that a number of people report new symptoms and/or a heightening of existing symptoms in the early months of the strict diet — thrush, I’ve seen numerous references too, and some other symptoms as well. It seems to be a natural part of the process of slowly controlling the candida that it will flare up in one or two symptoms while other symptoms are dramatically improving.



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    I would not relate athlete’s foot to how you are doing in your recovery. I tell most forum members to expect a 6-18 month recovery time to get over candida overgrowth, so you are are in the initial stages of getting better.

    I would relate the athlete’s foot to your feet being moist and the yeast possibly becoming more aggressive. As you kill it and fight it off, it morph’s and adapts. Its perfectly normal for thrush to get worse, skin conditions to get worse, and athlete’s foot to get worse. What matters most is your long term health and improvement.

    I would get a q-tip and swab some coconut oil on your feet and this should reduce it or eliminate it within days.

    As far as your diet, the beef contains microbes which can bring harm and it causes constipation. When combined, this is a bad combination. Beef takes 2 days to digest whereas chicken and fish take hours.



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    Try tea tree oil and then use coconut oil in between tree tree oil applications.


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    Thanks for the responses. I’ve contacted Sue for Abel’s strict diet. I look forward to jumping on that as soon as possible.

    Raster, do you think that because I had at least eliminated certain foods that feed candida I’m possibly further along? Since February I had cut out fruit and was only eating non-glutenous grains. I did begin to feel better around that time. That’s why I’m surprised. I feel like I’ve been making improvements for a while now. To suddenly take on a brand new symptom, and one that I’ve never had before at that, seemed strange.

    SunnyCO, thanks for the recommendation. I’ll get some tea tree oil tonight.


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    Rubbing diamataceous earth powder(add water for a paste) on my foot got rid of 95% of my athletes foot. It dries up the foot and prevents moisture. Tea tree oil seemed to help as well but the smell can be a little bothersome.

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