First day of the cleanse- am I doing this right?

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    I juiced greens and have been trying to get that down little by little all day. The lemon water is really burning my throat. Any recommendations on that?

    I am having a hard time taking tablespoons full of olive oil so I am mixing it all together: the green juice, lemon juice and olive oil. And drinking it little by little. Does anyone have recommendations for that?

    Qick question: is it two of the bentonite clay detox and one of the liver detox each day or two of the liver detox and one of the bentonite detox? I saw both listed, so I’m confused.

    I cannot seem to find Swedish bitters without alcohol in stores, so I have to order it online now. But I don’t think it will be shipped here in time for my 7 day cleanse. Is that ok? Am I going to be using Swedish digestive bitters throughout the cleanse as well? Does anyone know of a store in Chicago where I can find them?

    Also I found all of my vitamins, except I can only seem to find vitamin A in a higher dosage, 10,000, 25,000. I found it in a 5,000 dosage but it is not gel form only dry. Can I get the dry one?

    Thanks for all the help!!! Also, I feel ok now, I just keep worrying about consuming clay, like will I feel get sick from it…

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