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    I’d like to talk about how candida effects the thyroid and how the thyroid effects fingernails.
    I’ve had messed up fingernails (really brittle fingernails with big ridges and the nail plates pull away from the nail beds). Since I’ve changed my diet my nails are much stronger but I’m noticing the plates (trimable parts of the nail) are really pulling off the beds so I have these deep “scoops” (that collect dirt)

    I’m wondering if anyone else has this kind of thing. It’s not a fungal problem. I’ve heard that the thyroid could case this and I’ve also heard that Candida causes thyroid problems. I’m on Synthroid and I’m not sure it’s working for me but I’ve had no real help from my doctor or the endocrinologist he sent me to.


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    I would consider looking at minerals as the source of the problem, or lack of minerals. Candida taxes many of the bodies reserves such as fat, muscle, bones, etc. So in other words, you possibly are demineralizing. Taking trace minerals can aid in this problem, and one of these minerals is iodine which also effects the thyroid glands. So I could see how both of these are related.



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    Raster’s right about iodine. The immune response that fights candida requires a lot of iodine, which is stripped off of thyroid hormone. Most people are deficient in the first place, and removing iodised salt pretty much removes any dietary source. Having a deficiency means immunity, thyroid function and even heavy metal detox suffers noticeably. Supplementing kelp in the region of 250-500mcg/day is a good starting point. Increasing the dose to many times that level can be beneficial, but it needs to be done very slowly (over many months) due to bromine toxicity and thyroid sensitivity, and preferably with testing (it’s risky if auto-immune problems are present). It’s also imperative to get about 200mcg/day of selenium. Don’t take iodine without this.

    Studies have shown that low-carb diets lower T3 levels and can induce a hypothyroid-like state known as euthyroid sick syndrome. The initial stage of the protocol, which involves fasting and at least 2-weeks without carbs falls under this category, and people with iodine deficiency, active lifestyles or stress problems are especially at risk.

    It’s also possible that hypothyroidism helps to create a beneficial environment for candida to overgrow, so it’s a bit of a chicken and egg scenario. I don’t know anything specific about thyroid medication, but it can be helpful in speeding up the recovery process. If you’re changing your diet and supplementing, it’s important to check your thyroid levels as regularly as you can.

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