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    Hi, my wife is having finger and toenail issues since starting the diet/treatment two weeks ago, mostly in toenails. Her nails have become less smooth and dry and cracking a bit. In one toe she has a big bump in the nail that wasn’t there before. There is a slight discoloration. Anyone know what this could be? She has been eating stage 1, quite strict, but including meat at least once/day, and also unsweetened almond milk which has calcium, lots of buckwheat, and lots of veggies/eggs. She has had to go off of the antifungals about five days ago, as she was feeling very ill and could not prepare for a big exam. Now she is only doing the diet, no antifungals until December.

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    Ya, its pretty normal to feel ill from the diet and supplements; that means you have candida and that its working.

    She might be having a slight calcium or other mineral deficiency; when your body fights off a major illness, it taps the reserves of your body which includes fats/proteins/carbs, etc and calcium/minerals/iron,etc. That is one the main reasons you lose weight on the diet. Also, fungal invaders could be attacking the body more when you are going through the die-off; there is a fungus that lives underneath the nails of your body, so it could be thriving.

    Maybe get a vitamin d, calcium, and magnesium vitamin that has no bad ingredients in it. At the vitamin shoppe, I found only one good brand that didn’t have bad ingredients for this type of vitamin.

    I am also taking magnesium chloride; this helps mineralize the calcium in your body to allow for better absorbtion(mispell). My naturopath makes this stuff, so I am unsure if you can get it elsewhere like a vitamin store.

    She might want to consider spraying some of the anti-fungals on the nails to see if that makes a difference (I have no idea how effective this is).

    Also, when experiencing die-off symptoms, it is best to use a sauna, steam room, or even a hot bath to help remove the toxins from your body. This will almost completely nullify the die off symptoms you may experience.


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