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    Hello all,

    I am 20 years old and have been overweight my whole life. A few months ago I discovered the HCG diet and had TREMENDOUS success. Unfortunately, I gained back the whole 20 lbs I lost in a matter of a week or two. The friend I did it with has still kept all of it off. I thought this was strange so I started to do some research. I have determined that I most definitely have a very large candida overgrowth. My chiropractor has been testing me positive for yeast by kinesiology for years, but I never took it seriously because I didn’t know it played a role in weight loss.

    I have tried every diet out there, paid thousands of dollars for weight loss programs, etc. I am ready to be a normal weight. The symptoms that I experience that I contribute to candida is feeling like sugar is an absolute necessity to my diet. It’s like water to me, haha. I was on birth control for about a year and a half. I stopped taking it about 6 weeks ago once realizing that could make it worse. I’ve always had stomach issues with constipation and stuff. I had also thought I had vertigo because I’ve had strange dizzy spells throughout my life. In the last 2 years, my vision actually went completely white and I was blind for about 30 seconds-1 minute in about five different instances. I suspect this could also be from a candida overgrowth.

    Anyways, on to my questions!

    I’ve been trying to do as much reading as possible, but there is SO much out there. I’ve seen some websites that suggest one thing and others don’t. Like carrots and eggs, haha so confusing.

    First question, why do some of the recipes on this website have rice in them for stages 1, 2, 3…? We are supposed to completely avoid any yeast or grains for three weeks and then you can try eating grains in small quantities after that right?

    These are the supplements I have bought:
    – Pau d’Arco tea and capsules
    – Grapefruit Seed Extract
    – Total-yeast and total-para (supplements from my chiropractor)
    – Hemp Hearts
    – Lactobacillus Acidophilus from GNC

    Does this all sound good so far? I’ve read on here that coconut oil and flour sounds like something I should also get. I’m also going to throw garlic into everything possible.

    This website says to do the diet for three weeks and THEN start taking supplements. Is that what all of you did? I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just start taking everything at once.

    Any help or advice will be GREATLY appreciated!



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    Hi, Lauren 🙂 I’m glad you’re on the boards! It’s great to find encouragement here 🙂

    Yes, you’re right, there is a lot of conflicting info out there, but really, there is even more that is consistent across diets. All recommend low carbs, LOTS of veggies, none that I know of suggest gluten grains at all, etc. So, if you really want a diet that is “safest of the safe” you could go with *only* the foods that are approved on the vast majority of diets and leave out any foods that any of the diets call into question. Most of us, though, do some reading and then some more reading, and then just start making calls. I limit my approved grains each day, for instance, but I eat lentils or other beans here and there, I eat kefir twice a day, but I eliminate all soy. I just had to make an educated choice on what to include and what to leave out. Most of us wind up doing that, I think.

    To answer your question specifically, this particular version of the diet *does* allow a few grains in stage 1 of the diet (but not in the “purge”, detox drink stage, I believe). Even then, though, some of the users on this board do not eat grains of any kind for a while. I couldn’t do this. I’m pregnant, have semi-low blood sugar, and have four children to care for all day everyday. Without the grains, I didn’t have enough energy for my daily life! So, I eat grains – mostly buckwheat and millet in combination, a little brown rice here and there, some amaranth, but not a lot in any one day. Everyone has to make a call based on what they know and what their body seems to need.

    On the eggs. If you cannot find certified antibiotic-free eggs & meat, I personally would just go vegetarian. The low dose antibiotics in most meats, poultry, eggs, and dairy are a big detriment to the ACD. I use eggs, but I’m able to get them fairly inexpensively from Trader Joe’s and they’re free of additional hormones, antibiotics, and are cage free. Again, it depends on what’s available to you.

    Hope some of this helps! Sounds like you’re on the right track! 🙂


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    Since I’m not following the website diet since I just discovered it and this forum tonight, I’ll just offer an opinion and tell you what I did when I did my first cleanse awhile ago, (and my current 2nd). I think I can see how you may want to do the cleanse part first without the herbs to clear your gut up to receive them better, don’t understand the 3 weeks of diet part without the herbs right away. I guess unless you’re really really sick, the initial purge symptoms might be hard to take maybe? But then you could just try taking the herbs at half dosage if its too much at first too…

    I had gone to an Avureydic therapist’s health assessment at a spa and got diagnosed with Candida. He recommended I START with the Candigone kit – which contained the herbs and supplements, etc. That made a HUGE difference for me, I was bouncing off the walls with energy by the end, but felt sick flu-like body aches the first few days.

    What you’ve got are antifungals I don’t know specifics on, but look into rotating the peau darco, hemp hearts and grapefruit extract every week or couple of weeks to avoid resistance if you’re taking it more than a few weeks. Meaning take a maybe two at a time, then a different two, etc.

    I’m not sure what’s in the paragone and the totalpara so I can’t tell you for sure about that. But I can say to take the acilodophus all the way through, since its basically the good bacteria you’re trying to replace the Candida with. I’m not necessarily sure if its something that attacks the Candida at all or if its just something to help restore balance. I’ve been taking some form of probiotic (acidophilus pearls my naturopath’s recommended brand) for over 5 years now, changed my life for the better, will never stop taking it.

    Also, I really really hate to say it, but vision and weight loss problems can be linked to diabetes too. So maybe try a diabetes test? Regardless Candida overgrowth can also lead to blood sugar problems and the doctor would probably put you on a reduced sugar diet anyway so this diet should help you regardless, and maybe even help prevent if you happen to be in the ‘at risk’ category. I have a friend with the rare privilege of being type 1 and type 2 so that’s how I know this.

    Hope this helps, good health!


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    Make sure the garlic is fresh whole garlic. Garlic compounds, or garlic paste, powder or chunks will do no good. The reason is the chemistry behind it. Once garlic is cut, it begins to loose the compounds that are beneficial to the body, and the longer it remains cut, the more it breaks down. So anything you use with garlic, chop up fresh garlic and use it that way. Try not to heat it either.

    I’ve actually gotten into the habit every night of taking a clove of garlic and cutting it into small pieces and swallowing it with a little water, thereby keeping the beneficial (yeast-killing) qualities alive.

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