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    Hi everyone, this is a long one so hang in there.
    Trying to figure out if I have Candida. First things first my symptoms. I’ve been suffering with headaches, terrible wind after anything I eat, stomach pains, terrible foul smelling gas, joint and muscle pains, eye floaters, itchy eyes, white to yellow coloured tongue, painful urination sometimes, lower back pain, weakness after eating and lots more.

    Had an Endoscopy last year which picked up a small sliding hiatus hernia and mild small intestine inflammation (gastritis).
    Have also had a comprehensive stool test done which came back negative for Candida but did show elevated SIga levels and inflammation markers antigen.
    Am currently going to have a food intolerances RAST test done to see if my immune system is being activated.

    Very frustrated as I’m trying to figure out i have a leaky gut caused by Candida, sibo, auto immune problems or coeliac etc.
    Tracing my footsteps back.

    Thanks for reading


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    That was not particularly long.

    There is a Chinese proverb saying:” Don’t make yourself so small, you are not so big”

    Is there a question in your post?


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    I would like to get some sort of blood test done to see if I’m having immune responses to foods, basically trying to determine if I have a leaky gut. There are so many options here , so some advice on which blood test would be the best option would be very helpful. Also are there any other reliable tests I could have to maybe detect a Candida infestation (apart from a comprehensive stool test which I’ve already had.


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