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    Hi, anyone think fermented milk would be ok to drink? The plan is to cook milk and add probiotics once it is cooled. The probiotics ferment the milk. It’s like kefir but with man-made probiotic capsules instead of kefir grains. thanks!



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    i dont know but sounds interesting !


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    Are you going to use just standard pro-biotic capsules?

    I have never heard of this method.
    Keep in mind kefir grains and extremely cheap and will literally last FOREVER with proper care.


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    That’s true.

    Why pay for expensive probiotic capsules when you can re-use kefir grains for years and years?

    Unless you can’t care for the grains on a daily basis, I suppose. I just keep my grains in the fridge when I can’t care for them for a week or so. They are still functioning well.

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