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    I just bought a bottle of Bubbi’s sauerkraut because I read on Mercola’s site that eating fermented foods daily is more effective than taking a probiotic capsule.

    The probiotics I take are pretty expensive and I’d like to stop taking them and instead start eating sauerkraut. Any thoughts on this?


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    Store bought ferments contain selected strains of probiotics, this isn’t of much help. These strains live temporarily in your digestive tract and will provide minor benefits.

    You want to make sauerkraut at home.
    This way you are recruiting beneficial soil bacteria and other random strains that are just along for the ride. Sauerkraut offers permanent residents in your digestive tract, something that store bought ferments and pro-biotics don’t offer.

    You name the pro-biotic, I HAVE taken it.
    Lactobacillus based, Bifido based, Prescript Assist, THreelac, Garden of life, etc, etc. etc.
    None of those pro-biotics offer permanent strains and long-term benefits.

    Homemade fermented vegetables such as Saurkraut is cheap, recruits permanent strains, fills you up, and is delicious.


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