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    Thankfully I believe my die off symptoms are gradually decreasing, I’m certainly not feeling as ill as I have done but there is one symptom I am still concerned about and though it,s not too uncomfortable in itself it is still a bit of a concern and that is I feel very cold at times especially my hands. In the UK we are now approaching winter but I feel cold in my house so its a definite symptom rather than a reaction to cold weather.

    Has anyone else suffered similar symptoms?


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    Hi, James, cold extremities are a symptom of Candida which many people experience. So be assured that you’re not alone with that one.


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    With the transition into late autumn, I’ve also been suffering from cold sensitivity lately… in my toes, and only in my toes. The rest of me can be comfortable or even toasty warm, but unless I have my feet directly in front of a heater, they start going numb, no matter how many socks I’m wearing. I’ve had issues with cold extremities before, but this is way worse than it’s ever been.

    To clarify, do you think cold sensitivity is a die-off symptom, a candida symptom (meaning the little buggers are still hanging around), or a side-effect of the low-carb low-sugar diet?


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    I think its a candida symptom and also a non-candida related symptom. My naturopath has asked me about the cold hands/feet and feels that it is related to a de-mineralization problem. I am taking a homeopathic remedy called silicia to treat this issue.


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