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    I have been recently diagnosed with possible candidaiasis from antibiotic use. Ever since I took strong antibiotics a year ago, I felt weird constant pressure in my head and have had indigestion & gas belching for more than a year now which is exhausting and depressing.

    I recently consulted with a doctor who specializes in digestive issues and was advised that I have an imbalance of gut flora, sibo & candida yeast in my body. I was given supplements and enzymes to kill off the yeast infection together with supplements for the kidney to help release the toxins. I started taking them about 3 weeks ago.

    First week of taking it, I felt a little better, however, upon the advise of my doctor I increased the dosage of the probiotic enzyme supplement the following week and I have been feeling terrible for about 2 weeks now. I cut back on the dosage I was taking however I’m still feeling very weak on the legs with no energy, feeling off and nauseous. At times too, I feel almost passing out, lightheaded, not sure if i also have brain fog and have been constantly belching gas again with heaviness and pressure around my eye area like I always want to close it.

    I’m scared of all of these symptoms and I’m feeling overwhelmed now as I can’t function at work and I am also looking after my 1 year old.

    I hope someone can enlighten me on this and share thoughts if these are die off symptoms and what I can do minimize them.

    Thank you.


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    Eat a candida diet and call your doctor if your symptoms become severe. Prescription medications may help you better than any supplements.


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    Hey! I hope your ok or at least better.

    Please do not be alarmed. I was looking through the forum for some good digestive enzymes and I came across your post. I look back at the beginning of this journey and I had no idea what was up from down. I remember my 1st symptom, I was out with my husband on a date night and ended up in the ER being told I have anaphylaxis. It ‘s scary as hell. If I knew then what I know now back then, I’d take some deep breathes and relax. It gets better once your on the path, your not alone. You won’t find anyone with your same exact situation but one thing that everyone does share is the ability to heal from that situation given that your body has what it needs. I will never suggest you do as I say because I will not be responsible for you but I will suggest that you find the appropriate help you need. A doctor that listens to you and your body means so much the mental state that your in. I thought my body had quit on me and I was dying slowly. Truth is I always knew just my body was not in the position I put it when the shit hit the fan for me.

    Kids, a husband, step kids, a house, abnormally stressful job, marital problems, and then some. That is enough to put anyone in a state of hell. I was not hydrating or eating for what I was doing. The headaches started in Late December 2017, and by mid January I had been put on a course of antibiotics for my sinus pain and headaches. I suffered a bout of food poisoning from sushi and 2 weeks later I was in the ER for a life changing situation. Fatigue, rhinitis, headaches, debilitating brain fog, vertigo, tension so bad it would effect my vision, I got so bad from eating food I stopped eating just to avoid going to the ER. The anxiety, stress, endoscopy, blood tests… My veins where bruised from the needles of the blood work and iv lines from the ER visits. I had hit a super low, I started doing all types of shit to myself to get me to feel better. I lost 40 lbs total in a month and a half. I looked like shit, the life had left my body. My doctor at the time didn’t help me at all.

    Things began to change when I left traditional medicine behind fired my very condescending doctor. Found a great supportive Naturopathic doctor. We assumed it was SIBO, but I kept having some flare up and the fatigue had returned. I took a C. Albicans antigen blood test the Igm came back positive meaning my body has recognized there is a issue. Then I had an Ige and Igg which confirmed my leaky gut, finally the stool test came back way too high for candida. So at this point I was sensitive to yeast so I just had to get this under control. My 1st week on natural meds the rhinitis was gone, headaches, and I started having better days. I messed up a lot i ate things i shouldn’t of and had flare ups.

    I woke up one day after a flare up that kept me home from work and decided to get serious about healing. Food for me meant bonding socially with my loved ones, birthdays, events, trips, holidays, here I am the weird kid with the tupperware of special food. I no longer cared, I got help with my stress started doing yoga and talking to someone once a week about my life. I started over and eliminated everything that irritated my stomach and i haven’t had a flare since. I have re-introduced half the foods that was hurting me successfully. I can have berries and avocado without worrying about my head and throat. I eat out with my husband again only to reputable places not Applebees or Red Robin etc… I mean good local organic places. Ill have a few drinks or beers every now and then too.

    All in due time. But first you must assess things and then take them 1 step at a time. Its hard not to freak out but you gotta try. You have a person that depends on you longterm and you need to be strong.

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