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    I just want to tell you that I also have a child who is approaching her terrible twos so I know how difficult it is.

    BUT…before starting the diet I was unable to take care of her many days because I was sick. Either with UTI, a cold, a sinus infection, constant headaches or just feeling really sick and weak overall. I think I took more naps than she did because I always felt so weak and useless. I remember locking myself in the room for hours just to get away from her and everyone else.

    Now that I’m on the diet I’m actually able to spend time with her again! Don’t feel hopeless…you have hope, you know how to take charge of your health and how to start feeling better again. I used to feel hopeless when I didn’t know what was wrong with me, I felt like nobody understood, how am I going to feel better? Now that I know, I don’t feel hopeless, I feel EMPOWERED!


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    okra, good u can get access to at least sum organics ,ive been trying to do only my chicken and eggs organic and not so much veggies ,i give my baby bites off my plate but her daddy does sabotage her eating healthy !he gives her all types of crap im always telling him not to !
    yeah brita is ok just not that great as it only reduces chlorine and does nothing at all for flouride .i try to get poland spring but cant always get it .

    Angel ,thanks honey yes i can say i feel better now that i finally know whats going on ,i had a very painfull year and sum days i also could not get out of bed my bladder pain and uti pain was insane !i still have it but thank god it has died down only to return when i start the diet !
    this is frustrating but i know i will do it thank u !

    Titan ,thanks u are very strong willd to stop everything at once ,i dont feel like i can do that .maybe once i have diet down i can cut back a lil bit but i am not strong enough to do that all at once i will fail .ive been stuck in a cycle of starting this diet and bingeing on sugar 2 days later !no way quitting smoking will only make me more depressed ,worsen my anxiety ,make me want to eat more sweets ,increase my stress ext .i am grateful for what i have and my daughter is what keeps me going .
    my hubby has not been supportive i know he loves me but he has not been helping me much as ive been sick or being supportive about choosing to do this diet and treatment unfortunately .


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    Sometimes it’s actually easier to just quit everything all at once – you have the worst 2-4 weeks of your entire freaking life, and suddenly the fog starts to clear and you can see how destructive you were being to yourself with a new perspective and clarity. And since you quit everything, you don’t have to worry about going through another psychotic detox, or talking yourself out of quitting a new thing.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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