feeling guilty

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    So a week ago i thought i was over the hump, i started to feel amazing it lasted a week, and now im back to feeling like shit again. iv been on this (lisa richards diet) for 4months.

    I’m starting to feel guilty about all the lying about im doing, even though i know i shouldn’t. I feel like a lazy person especially after i had my week of feeling great, i realised how much i havent been doing. My boyfriend and housemate do there thing while i just sit around like a fat house cat napping eating and sleeping… its annoying that i can’t feel comfortable with the proccess, i don’t feel understood so i feel judged for my actions or lack there of. I don’t know how i can take much more of this, and yet i don’t see another option but to push on. Lifes not ment to be a bitch, i really don’t believe it is, yet right now its a real effort to stay positive…..guess i got to remember the starving and diseased people in 3rd world countries who don’t have a choice hard road or not.

    Yep today i feel angry and frustrated.


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