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    I’ve been feeling much better from following the candida diet, but my daily headaches are getting worse. Before changing my diet i would having terrible fatique and a range of symptoms. I’ve now eliminated all medication from my diet and thought that would do the trick, but alas not.

    I’ve been looking on line as it feels like it must have something to do with inflammation in the gut. I notice when i eat certain foods the headaches get more intense. This is making the already small list of foods i can eat even smaller. I’m seeing a headache specialist on Monday, but im not feeling too hopeful.

    It seems now that most foods are causing the headaches to be more intense and its a worrying time.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what i could ask my doctor to look at or indeed any other advice.

    I’ve taken flaxseed which didn’t work, omega 3.




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    Check out histamine intolerance. If you can reduce histamine levels, it should go away.


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