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    Hi guys,

    I’m just so disgusted with myself. What do they say…that pride comes before a fall? Well, I was so proud of myself last week. I was 99% symptom free, I felt full of energy and my skin was glowing… several people had commented on how well I looked!

    Sooooooo was out for a meal on Thursday night. Totally stuck to the diet (food wise) but chanced a half glass of dry white wine… no hot flushes, no itch, no headache (how I had reacted immediately over the previous weeks to stuff my body didn’t like) so I thought woohoo!! Top that glass up!! Next morning I had slightly achey dry hands and was more tired than normal (but had been up 4 times in the night with a sick child). So I was delighted… thought I could continue to “behave” on the whole, and every once in a blue moon have a glass of wine when I was out…

    Then Saturday night some friends called over with a bottle of wine and thought what the heck, I’m fine with 1 glass!! So had one.

    BUT by sunday morning my hands started to crack and bleed… I got a big sore beside my mouth, 2 on my finger and a huge weeping sore on my leg. And my face had a scaley prickly rash. By last night my face, the backs of my hands and up my under arms were covered in a dark red raised rash and I looked awful – pale, sunken dark eyes, all blotchy.

    Stupid stupid stupid… have I mentioned how stupid I feel?!!!

    Well back on the wagon. Even though I haven’t deviated from the diet yet (although I think there was a little butter on the leeks & courgettes when I was out Thu night) I now know I’m not yet ready to re-introduce anything. I’ll work extra hard this week to shift this rash… extra saunas, loads of lemon water, milk thistle and all the liver detoxing foods I can think of.

    It’s a new week. It’s a learning curve. I’ve learned my lesson. Dammit!!!


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    That was an interesting story.

    I got the impression that our body is like the earth we humans live on. We can mishandle the earth quite a bit and the poor thing will try to balance itself out and will try forever to stay healthy. But as everything has a consequence eventually we will suffer if we continue to cut all the trees, dump waste into the rivers and streams and kill all the fishes in the oceans.

    A lake is well balanced and it can handle quite a lot of problems before it tips over. But if we dump a lot of rubbish and poison into the lake eventually it will tip over and become a stinking swamp with all the problems following.

    I apply that picture to myself and my stomach and see the inside off me as a lake. I don’t want to dump rubbish into it, because eventually it will show up as a rotten lake and the consequences I am not willing to suffer.

    I will not play with it and will never go on the merry go round of white flower, alcohol, sugar and the like. I don’t even think that the diet should help me to clean up get healed so I happily can dump again all the poison into my inner lake. The good thing is if you make up your mind and die to the idea of turning back you will have peace and are not longing back, not even for a drink or two.

    Its like a wise guy said, first you drink the alcohol then the alcohol is drinking you. In our case its the candida who will drink your life and the monster will be like a unpleasant tenant living with you, getting drunk and making a mess off your house.

    all the best


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    Lucylu wrote: Stupid stupid stupid… have I mentioned how stupid I feel?!!!
    It’s a new week. It’s a learning curve. I’ve learned my lesson. Dammit!!!

    Hi, Lucy.

    And, as unfortunate as it is, Lucy, that’s exactly the way you have to see this, “a learned lesson.”

    Five weeks really isn’t so ridiculous that someone can’t at least try something very mild in the way of new foods, just not alcohol, sugar, wheat, sugary fruit, or starch. Doesn’t leave much, right? But the next time you’re tempted with alcohol in any form, keep in mind what it’s made of and how it’s made. It’s fermented, but what it’s fermented with is the problem; that’s done by using yeast and sugar. The process breaks the sugar down into ethanol and carbon dioxide. So you end up with mixture of yeast, sugar, ethanol and carbon dioxide in your body; the last two named are toxins which will poison the body the same as the Candida are doing.

    On the other hand, five weeks is really very early to put ‘anything’ in your body that can possibly endanger the treatment. But if I had told you please, don’t try “ANYTHING” new yet, no one including you would have believed me and just thought, “Oh that Able, there he goes being overly cautious again as usual.” And I also realize that just seeing me hum the same song with the same lyrics over and over begins to sound, well, unreal and a bit paranoid I suppose. So anyway, I’m sorry that I didn’t try to stop you, I do feel like this is partly my fault, so again, I’m really sorry that you experienced that.

    So you’re right about not trying anything else new yet … not yet. Are you eating commercial yogurt or are you making it yourself? If you’re making it yourself, regular commercial yogurt could be one of the first things to try. Yes I know, god what a baby step! But it’s also a safe step. If you receive a reaction, it should at least be a really small one. Another thing is just a very small slice (maybe 3 bites) of a Granny Smith apple every other day until you’re sure you won’t receive a reaction. But again, not yet.

    One more thing, Lucy, you’re not ‘stupid’ so I’d like for you to get that out of your mind now. Look at this as an experiment, and now you know the outcome – so all is not lost.

    Take care, Able


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    Thanks Able. Yeh, I know i’m not stupid but after all the effort I had made to do everything right… and the first new thing I introduce is wine?!! Doesn’t sound too bright does it?

    Please don’t feel that it was your “fault” in any shape or size… I’m a grown woman who should have known better! I do kind of wish you’d said “oooh, 5 weeks is a bit soon, hold tough for another while” and I expected you to really. But I was feeling so good that I felt invincible and probably wouldn’t have listened to you anyway!!

    I really don’t have a problem with staying fully on the restricted diet for as long as it takes.

    As for your suggestions – I had organic natural greek yoghurt a few weeks back before I found the kefir but only a tiny bit. I don’t know if it caused a reaction because I had various symptoms still going on. I might try it again thanks… but not until I’m completely fine again. I’ll try the apple too but it goes against the grain because I’d been avoiding all fruits for so long now.

    Right – off to feed & bathe kids early so I can escape to the sauna for an hour later and berate myself in peace haha!!


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    Lets just look at this is a hard lesson to learn. Drinking has been the number one thing I wanted to do this whole time, but I know it is the most poisoneous thing I could possibly do other than taking psychadelic mushrooms. I would add alcohol last behind wheat/grains, dairy, etc.

    The skin is the bodies largest organ, and it sounds like it is detoxing the toxins from your body. This is good because it shows that your organs are not heavily damaged enough to not “carry the load.” You could get worse reactions than this, let me tell you!

    Vitamin C (with bioflavanoids) is great for the skin and I highly recommend taking some to help get over the skin problem.

    I would wait as long as possible to drink again; it could be apart of the reason you got candida in the first place. I am highly considering drinking new years myself after doing the diet for 6 months, but am reluctant because I don’t want to feel bad as well. I might just wait another year…



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    Funny it was hubby’s birthday the other dec 2 and we took him out to dinner. He didn’t want to go and was so worried about me and what I would eat and if it would be safe and be cooked clean and not set me back. And then while we are there friends send us over a round of birthday drinks. They come to the table and want me to drink this beer. I politely left it on the table…they kept after me and kept after me. I almost took a sip to get them to be quiet and leave me alone. I just stopped and said no. There was NO way I wanted to go backwards. I’m so sorry that happened to you but I can tell you I was right on the verge. I’m thanful that you were brave enough to share with us as we learn a lot from each other here. Thanks for your story and I hope you heal up quickly. I keep telling myself I don’t ever want that crap in my mouth again. I have NO urge what so ever to eat carbs or sugar…and before I don’t think I could have made it through the day with out a hershey kiss or hand full of nuts mixed with chocolate chips and raisins.now it is a NON issue. I can’t thank you all for your knowledge and experiences to help us all learn and grow.


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    Thanks Raster & Jackie… and yes I should have waited far longer and had fully intended doing so.

    I only bought seperate vit C yesterday so will start that straight away, thanks. I went to the sauna yesterday & today and will try to go each day for the rest of the week. The rash on my face is far better today but I have a sore beside my mouth and one on my leg that are just awful… but as you say it could have been far more severe in terms of a reaction. Thats why I got complacent – I was expecting a rection like I got from th tuna, or bad flushes or a headache at least. But when I didnt get that initially I was delighted and so had it the 2nd time… it obviously built up in my system a bit like your bread issue?

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