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    Please help. I’ve been on the candida diet for 4 months. The journey has been up and down, but as of a month ago I’ve been feeling awful. Only minor cheats over the last 4 months – had hot sauce a few weeks ago and two breakfast sandwiches a few weeks ago. Besides that EVERYTHING has been perfect (at least I think).

    Here are my symptoms:

    – Fatigue (need 10 hours of sleep to feel normal)
    – Possible kidney pain (also might be lower back muscles)
    – Extreme dehydration
    – Headaches
    – Smelly urine
    – Feel hot a lot
    – Go for longer than a 15 minute walk and I feel sick
    – Weak immune system

    Some things about me. I have had thyroid issues in the past. Thyroid has gotten worse over the last couple months. TSH levels around 3. Also, could exercise hard fine before the diet. Now I literally can’t walk longer than 15 minutes.

    I understand that people have die off in the first month or so, but its been 4 months. How am I feeling like this?

    I am so stuck because I want to quit the diet because I felt better before I started it, but I also don’t want to give up what I’ve accomplished if I have in fact moved forward.

    Also sorry for posting this is multiple sections. I need answers… I can’t do this anymore.


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    Diet alone is never going to get you anywhere if you have a severe overgrowth.

    Can you outline what has been your candida medication/supplement treatment if any?


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    Following the protocol mostly.

    – Probiotics
    – Antifungals rotated
    – Multivitamin, fish oil, magnesium, vitamin d (all levels in good range)
    – Liver support pills


    king tut
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    Sometimes it helps to slow down on the antifungals and probiotics to give the body a chance to clear all the die off out of your system. I believe the treatment can lower your serotonin levels, which creates depression and sense of hopelessness. Give it a week off or so to help clear things up and rebuild your adrenals. For dehydration, try taking Nuun electrolyte tablets. I am about two years into my treatment, mostly since my adrenals crash when I detox too hard, but the treatment shows improvement on a month by month basis. Sometimes if it took 20-30 years to get sick, it might take a year or two or more to clear all the junk out of your system. There is no such thing as a miracle quick cure even though some folks post about kicking Candida in one week with some miracle treatment. Those folks were not at the same level of sickness and I think they provide unrealistic expectations for others.


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    I gave up on the candida diet quite a while back because I had no energy and was always hungry.
    I adopted the carnivore diet instead and in 3 days or so, my symptoms are gone and I start feeling better, I am no longer tired and I can workout as much as I want.
    Edit: are you sure you got candida? your symptoms look like general symptoms to me. How do you know you got candida?


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    Thanks for the tips guys.


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    Hi First off, congratulations for the 4 months! You can also note that this really isn’t a “diet” in that you go on and off it. It’s a lifestyle. Yes some food can be added in after symptoms disappear but the timeline is different for each person. I’m at about 9 weeks ow and I’ve been very strict up til Thanksgiving I did have a few things not on the schedule but I’m right back to it because of the horrible way sugar now makes my body feel. I can’t tolerate it. I used the recipes on here for most of my menu! The treats family members brought were my slip ups but these teach a lesson.
    The thing is – I still have the white coating on my tongue it’s getting better but still there. I’ve lost 4 sizes and 49 lbs! I’m not going to ever go back to eating the other way. I add in meat daily several times a day as I have thyroid disease.
    I have never been hungry. If you’re hungry eat!
    There’s so much good food to eat! Learn to cook differently.
    Don’t give up on yourself. 🤗


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    So you need to tell us more about what you are doing. What antifungals, probiotics, and what is your diet like? The supplements are the key to getting better. The ones that have helped me the most include SF722, HMF neuro, and digestive enzymes, etc.

    The second thing you need to examine is detox protocol. You can detox via the skin if you do steam room, sauna, hot tub, jacuzzi, etc. You can improve your liver health so you can clean your body out.

    The third thing I would look into is underlying conditions affecting your ability to get better. If you have improper pH, nutrient deficiencies, leaky gut, co-infections, etc. this can impair your ability to get better. I recently did a chelation protocol and it was the key to my recovery using EDTA and lyposomals. I didn’t know heavy metals were my issue, but the certainly were in retrospect.


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    what digestive enzymes do you use? would these help break down candida biofilms also?

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