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    Does everyone experience this on the diet?? Since being on it I hardly ever have gas…actually I can’t even remember the last time it happened where it used to be sooo much! All day, every day. I have to say, my hubby is very happy about that! Anyone else care to share? lol!


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    Yep. The first change that my wife noticed in me after only a few days is that I don’t have gas. My gas used to be putrid. Makes for a much happier marriage, that’s for sure. Almost 2 months on the diet (I am not following the strict diet) and I am down 18 lbs. to my right weight, I have no gas or bloating and I get told on a daily basis how healthy I look.


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    I don’t really have gas either at all, sometimes after I eat yogurt and it doesn’t smell too normal lol. However thats the yeast talking, but yes I hardly do anymore since eating cleaner


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    I didn’t have gas at all before going on this diet. Now, my gas and feces smell horrible. My acupunturist said that it was my system cleaning itself out. I sure hope so!


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    I had gas before the diet and then it got worse once I went on the diet. Its because my body couldn’t break down protein and I lacked stomach acid.

    If you have a gas problem in the future, try out taking HCL (hydro chloric acid) which will reduce or completely eliminate gas.



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    Thanks for sharing guys! 🙂

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