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    During the cleanse my excema all but disappeared. I still had a few large patches that never seem to go away but the rest actually cleared up. As soon as I started the anti fungals though, the spots started to creep back and now they’re almost as bad as they were before. I’m still just eating veggies, eggs, chicken and using coconut oil to cook as well as taking caprylic acid. I just introduced kefir yesterday and the excema also gets worse after drinking it. I also had small stomach pain after the kefir. Do you think the excema flare from the antifungals is die off? And what about the kefir? Should I stop it because it’s causing te excema to get worse and a bit of stomach pain or should I just trudge through it? Thanks


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    Did you ever tell us that you’ve been diagnosed with Candida or that you’re certain
    Candida is part of your problem and not just the eczema? Try staying strictly on the diet but leaving the fungals out and see if that makes a difference. If eczema is your only problem then it may be possible that the diet alone will help you more.



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    I’ve seen a lot mentioned about essential fatty acids and eczema recently. Oils like avocado, flax and hemp are commonly used for beauty treatments for a reason. The best way to benefit from them is by ingesting them though. You’ll find more improvements in your health than just better skin, too. Try Googling flax oil and eczema, skin etc and see what you think. Added as part of your diet plan, they could help reduce your symptoms and generally aid in regenerating your body and even your brain.


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    If there’s one thing I’ve learned about this diet, it’s that everyone has different symptom triggers, and they can be really random (and thus hard to pin down). I also have eczema as my main symptom, and in my case, a serving or two of nuts, beef, pork, millet, or milk-based kefir (all of which have triggered symptoms in other people) will not cause my eczema to noticeably flare up. However, I’ve found that eating eggs (even once) that are not 100% organic and hormone-free will cause my skin to worsen and stall my progress by at least a week.

    Since you’ve suddenly added a whole lot of foods at once, plus anti-fungals, it’s hard to tell what triggered your symptoms. I second what Abel recommended re: the anti-fungals (i.e not to take them, especially if eczema is your primary/only candida symptom). I also should mention that I agree with Javizy’s mention of oils as being good for eczema, but I’d add fish and olive oils to his list.

    As far as finding the culprit, I would immediately switch to organic produce and at least hormone/antibiotic-free meats and eggs. I would also lay off the kefir for the moment (I don’t know if you used new grains or not, but if so, did you remember to discard the first two batches?)

    My experience is that die-off symptoms are inversely proportional to eczema healing. In other words, as my eczema healed, my other die-off symptoms (headache, dizziness, flu-like feeling, brain fog, constipation, etc.) got worse. Whenever my eczema would flare up, it was a sign that I did something wrong, not that I was progressing. Your case could be different, of course.

    (Also, if you haven’t already, I’d recommend reading this thread, as it also deals with candida + eczema: http://www.thecandidadiet.com/forum/yaf_postst1949_Eczema–candida.aspx )

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