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    I have many similar symptoms to erythromelalgia, which exist as heat coming off my hands, feet and ears. It appears as red patches, and is very uncomfortable. I notice it gets worse under times of stress, excessive heat, and when my core is hot. I even get it in winter. It is worst in the evening, and after eating (especially larger meals, which I assume has to do with blood pumping to the digestive areas, don’t know why there’s a link).

    It has slightly got better lately, which may be due to me taking zinc and siberian ginseng. I’m increasing some antifungals too.

    I first noticed it on my knuckles even 7 years ago, before all my adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid symptoms, or other candida things. My mum said I’ve had red ears since I was a child. So I may be pre-disposed to it, but it is worsened by candida.

    I started a really strict protocol summer 2013, with lots of antifungals (slowly) until October, and these symptoms disappeared. They returned in November. So there’s definitely a link.

    I’ve heard others have had burning inflamed hands/feet, so it must be common among sufferers.

    Apparently this can be due to acidosis, so I’ve been trying to find ways of treating it, but other than lemon water, can’t find much.

    Any help please?

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