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    A lot of discussion is on whether supplementing with probiotics can survive bile and HCl but have not heard much about whether probiotics can withstand enzyme secretions from the mouth and pancreas. These enzyme secretions seem like it could have an impact for they are designed to digest fat, protein etc…which makes up the cell composition of good bacteria?

    Maybe its best for the capsule to be enteric-coated or cellulose based to help with this?

    I guess the question would be is how much can these type of capsules(cellulose) help protect the probiotic organisms from being digested from all these enzyme secretions?

    Seems like the good bacteria in drinking kefir or eating fermented foods would mostly get digested by all these enzyme secretions and the majority(if much at all) of the bacteria would not have a chance to even make it to the upper GI tract?

    Are people experiencing benefits from fermented foods/kefir– getting results from the beneficial acids in those items or do they think they are actually getting benefits from the good bacteria entering the GI tract(if much survives at all)?

    As jorge stated its very hard to find any studies of whether the good bacteria in fermented foods/kefir actually “permanently” colonize. Hence some people getting better results with enemas than oral supplementation.

    Thought I would open this up for discussion…

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