Enemas !!!

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    Hi guys,
    I have gotten a bunch of PM about the enemas and more questions. I will try to answer them in this post because I can not go individually.

    First the Nystatin powder I get is from a family member who live in my original country.
    In US, you can get it with a medical script.

    How I do the enemas ??
    I buy distilled water in gallons and use enema fleet plastic bottles. You can use any enema kit either.
    I fill 4 bottles and heat the water around 15 seconds in the microwave. I add 1/4 of teaspoon of salt for every liter of water and a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to the complete gallon of water.

    I lubricate the tips with personal lubricant, lay down on my left side and insert one squeezing slowly until the water penetrate. I do it with two bottles and put my legs up to allow the gravity to take the water down. After 3 or 4 minutes, I empty it.
    Then, I repeat it 3 or 4 times until I don’t see more stool coming out. Then, I do one more two see the water coming out clear. At this time, you can see fungal colonies coming out more than any other moment.
    Then, I use one fleet bottle with Nystatin powder diluted in water, around 500 000 units in 8 ounces of water and try to hold it using gravity as much as possible.
    That is it ! No rocket science.


    Topics: 283
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    Thanks Jorge. Got my enema kit and ill be trying this crazy thing today.

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