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    Observational studies like this are so tedious. Maybe I’m missing something, but the contrast between the two bold parts below confuses me.

    The study looked at data from 1,231 men and women, with a mean age of 61.5, who were patients attending vascular prevention clinics at London Health Sciences Centre’s University Hospital.

    “What we have shown is that with aging, plaque builds up gradually in the arteries of Canadians, and egg yolks make it build up faster — about two-thirds as much as smoking. In the long haul, egg yolks are not okay for most Canadians.”

    Surely anyone attending a vascular prevention clinic has some sort of health issue. What else do we know about their diets? It’s like saying sugar causes diabetes without taking into account all the nutrients crucial to glucose metabolism that people are missing from their Cokes and fake chocolate (Hershey’s, Cadbury’s etc). Or worse yet, looking at the effect regular Cokes have on people already suffering with diabetes!

    One thing that might be interesting is what effect the oxidised cholesterol in fried eggs would have. The problem with studies like this is that they tell us absolutely nothing useful. The way that guy talks about the positive research on eggs also makes it sound as though he has some sort of agenda against them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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