Eating in Rome

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    The good news: almost every menu had grilled vegetables and salads. Ordering grilled meat was no problem and EVER waiter was sympathetic with my diet constraints. One waiter brought me a dish that, it ended up, I couldn’t eat. He quickly brought me a new plate with deep apologies. Yes, I left him a big tip.

    The bad news: gelato.

    All and all, sticking to the diet was possible. Eggs were available at breakfast and vegetables were available everywhere. The most common condiment was olive oil…so, totally yummy. But we walked a lot and having enough energy was difficult. On the last day I ate one small pancake because I needed the carbohydrates. After three days of walking five miles a day, a long day of flying back without food until I got home, that one little pancake felt imperative. I’m sure it was all in my head…but the GREAT news is that I didn’t have a reaction.

    And I couldn’t resist two small bites of gelato-Rum Raisin one day and coconut/chocolate another. It was hot, I was hungry and my husband wouldn’t stop saying how good it was. I’m only human.

    But the real lifesaver were the little grocer wagons we found on so many street corners. They sold fresh, watered, coconut slices. They were a lot to chew, but very filling-and guilt free.

    Three months ago it took me half an hour to get out of bed because my joints hurt. I was 25 lbs heavier and felt awful. While I am not back to 100%, the progress is undeniable. And for the first time in 5 years, I was happy to pose for pictures.

    The only problem was constipation-I get it whenever I fly. I went 4 days without a BM…does that mean that Candida multiplied? I’m thinking I would be wise to go back to Phase 1 for 5 days…thoughts?


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    Try soups & juices if you can before you fly.

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