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    I thought I’d rounded a corner on the candida this past month in that I had more sustained energy and the ringing in my ears stopped. (The fatigue has been my main problem)

    Now fatigue and ear ringing are back and I’m trying to figure out why. I’m wanting to understand the connection candida has with the adrenals. I have been trying to wean myself off IsoCort because I heard it can keep your adrenals from recovering (dependence). Now I think I can’t or else I just go back to feeling awful.

    I wonder if the Candida diet has been bad for my adrenals because there were just not enough calories. So as my adrenals got worse the ringing started and so did a huge drop in weight. Adding nuts over the past couple of months put on weight and soon I was beginning to feel better. But now it’s back to the same old symptoms and I’m not sure what causes what or what to do next. Is it mold from the nuts making the candia worse or is it my adrenals now doing their job?

    I read the paragraph below written by Marguerite Darlington just now.

    Ear Ringing and Adrenal Glands
    Porth offers a possible physiological explanation for a connection between decreased adrenal function and ear ringing, or subjective tinnitus. Mineralocortocoids, steroid hormones produced in the adrenal glands, maintain a proper balance of sodium, potassium and water in the body; and one of the causes of subjective tinnitus is improper balance of ionic minerals.

    I know a few of us have this tinnitus, and I wonder if anyone has any ideas on this. Should I resume the IsoCort (and risk becoming dependent) Stop nuts, eat more nuts? I’ve been fighting this for a year and been really good on the strict diet (other than a cashew addiction) and the protocol since Christmas.

    Any ideas????????????????????


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    I have had ringing in my ears too. It comes and goes. Usually goes after I did a round (1 month) of prescription antifungals such as diflucan. My ear ringing has been going on since the start of this yeast and still have it. I noticed certain things make it worse such as Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, even just a tablespoon. I can’t seem to pin point what triggers it food wise other than that. This tinnitus is the worst symptom for me right now. I questioned on what to use in a netti pot to try to alleviate this. One member here suggested a drop of grapefruit seed oil in a netti pot. I do believe too this is yeast related. Another member says its the last symptom to go once yeast is under control.

    I eat raw almonds or roasted with sea salt but I make sure there is no maltodextrine or dextrose in it. I don’t see a connection. I do have a hormone problem going on also, so maybe there is a connection with that.

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