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    Today is my 5th week on the regime and before the weekend my ear was starting to hurt. It didn’t feel like the ear infections i had as a kid and so I waited to see if garlic oil and ear drops would stop the ache and heat. It didn’t.

    Ended up at the Dr yesterday who diagnosed it as a mid ear infection. I explained about my diet, progress and hesitancy to take antibiotics now that i’m a few weeks in. He advised me not to play about with an ear infection and prescribed Keflex (aka Cephalexin). I’ve been taking 3 of a 6 billion probiotic daily but am wondering should i

    (a) continue taking the probiotics while i’m taking the antibiotic but get a 50 billion probiotic or
    (b)wait until i’ve finished the seven day course of antibiotics then take the 50 billion?

    Any other advise? I was so upset when i was told i needed an antibiotic as i feel like it’ll undo all the hard work i’ve put in since starting.


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    A good naturopath can likely clear this up within a few days. The only unfortunate thing is this could be a re-occurring thing for you if you don’t correct it; better safe than sorry I guess.

    I would take the probiotics like 8 hours after taking the antibiotics.



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    Cheers Raster. Unfortunately i don’t have the budget for a trip to the Naturopath right now(as i’m in Candada it doesn’t cost me anything for a Dr’s visit).

    I’ll try spacing the antibiotics and probiotics as far apart as possible and hope for the best.


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    I have had recurring ear infections for a few years (about once a month). Since I’ve started the diet, coconut oil and pro-biotics I haven’t had one yet.

    I was using “Homepathic Ear Drops” that they sell at CVS/Walgreens/etc. Many times my ear aches would be excruciatingly painful and last for a few days. The drops helped a lot and were inexpensive.

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