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    For the past couple of weeks I’ve been dealing with an ear fullness/congestion in ears sensation. I just went to Minute Clinic, and they found nothing wrong when they looked in my ears…nothing that would point to congestion (ear drum, etc looked fine), a wax problem or any problem for that matter. She didn’t know what to tell me.

    Given this, my guess is that this is related to yeast, though I’ve had never had an issue like this before. I find this concerning since I’ve been on the diet for so long, and don’t know why it’s affecting my ears now.

    Has anyone had this experience with the ears, and what strategies have you found to help with the sensation?



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    Hello Yi,

    1. Do you use Cotton buds perhaps?
    2. Also do you have flaking coming from the eardrum?

    1. I had quite a few years ago when I used cotton buds, wax that had gotten pushed through the eardrum I think, and accumulated, and I had a constant congestion for a few weeks, untill it finally came back through the eardrum again and I could get it out.

    2. I had a very mild case of Seborrhoeic Dermatitis a few months ago, which is fungal, which then spread to the ears, and became a very mild case of Otitis Externa, more specificly Otomycosis I believe, I didn’t get any discharges or anything, I only got skinflakings from the ear drum, tickling and I had to get it out a few times a day, long story short my doctor told me to get a antifungal & antidandruff & antiinflammatory shampoo called Fungoral in Sweden which is prescription free, with the active ingredient being Ketoconazole, the US equivalent being Nizoral. I use it 2 times a week when I shower, and massage it in the face, ears(yes in the ear canal, carefull if you have long/sharp nails) and on the scalp, the ear problem congestion & flaking was resolved within 2 weeks, and the Seborrhoeic soon after aswell. But then again I had also started the diet by then, so no sugar and eating antifungals I suppose I wasn’t a very hospitable host anymore.



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