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    Okay, here it goes… I am probably living proof of reading too much information on the internet and I wish there was a place we could go to for one answer and one “common sense” approach to Candida… after all, we all have unique bodies and each one of us arrived in this place due to many different contributing factors.

    MY GOAL:
    I hope to resource this forum because like most of you, this is driving me CrAzY!!!! On the other hand, compared to some of the other stories I am reading about, my symptoms seem to be minimal in scale however, still extremely MAJOR on a personal level.

    In order to reach a better understanding of what I am dealing with, I am reaching out for help and asking that you please read the following bullet points which should provide a timeline of symptoms and history. I sincerely your participation and welcome any advice from anyone that has the time to share. More over, I truly welcome a QUICK solution to this mess so I can get my life back.

    On that note; after reading a post by one blogger stating; “a massive dose of WIld Oregano Oil eradicated Candida out of her in only three days,” I am wondering if this is TRUE OR FALSE? Evidentially, she was going on vacation and needed a quick cure and posted because she had good luck and her symptoms have not returned… Hmmmm??

    * I am 47 & started smelling a very foul fishy odor “down below” in the “V” area back in Dec. ‘2013

    * No discharge or itch and the odor only emitted throughout the early morning… Upon which, I run to the shower!

    * Sept. ‘2013 – I was EXPOSED & INHALED A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF MOLD… yes, I was up close & personal with actual mold & airborne spores in the house I moved into

    * I became really sick for next several months suffering fatigue, major sinus infections and just felt like “s – – t” all the time!

    * At this point in my life, I realized my immune system is down due to an extreme life transition… I am out of work after 14 years in the medical industry, had to move home, have no income at all, struggling with emotions and feeling lost in life

    * To make matters worse, my mattress, box spring and bed frame were also loaded with mold and after exposure, for the next 5 months, I retreated to this bedroom for rest and sleep which happen to be a death trap. (Bed was replaced in May ‘2014)

    * I also went back on birth control and take antacids on a semi-regular basis

    * My diet is not extremely bad & consider it to be well rounded. My diet is not extreme in any direction and have always enjoyed whatever I wanted (in moderation) which included; white flour products, wheat, carbs, lots of cheese, meat, chicken, some fish, salads, veggies, apples, ice cream (1/2 the fat), sherbet, yogurt (non-fat vanilla), granola, some nuts (pepitas, sunflower, almonds), RED wine and tons of milk.

    Most everything I buy is non-fat, I never used to be big on vitamins, my water intake is good & my health is generally in great shape.

    Aside from the chronic sinus issues I was experiencing, I felt generally okay. I knew the stress and life situation had me down but, still maintained walking and tried to get a good nights rest. I am not overweight, maintain low/average blood pressure (even after fast pace walking) and luckily, low cholesterol.

    I never dreamed my issues were environmental due to toxic mold exposure and based on all the symptoms, I was treated with antibiotics for chronic sinus infections which, evidentially, added to this “perfect storm” for yeast overgrowth. Thankfully, the pharmasist noticed the long list of medications and suggested my issues might be environmental?? WOW… what a lifesaver!

    * I was on several strong ANTIBIOTICS to include: Penicillin (2 rounds), Augmentin (2 rounds), Erythromycinn (2 rounds), Amoxicillin (2 rounds), Flaygyl, Fluconazole anti Yeast Pill 4 times, Miconazole anti-fungal gel 2 times AND three months of high quality probiotics

    * The Dr tested me for every STD out there including BV and thankfully, everything came up NEGATIVE… she continued to treat for yeast which helped a little but, I am still not feeling completely fresh or anything like my old self at all UGH!

    I began researching my symptoms and I THINK, I am dealing with “CANDIDA?” After doing lots of research, I decided to following a simple routine and on a scale of 0 – 10, my symptoms might be around a 3 compared to what it was in December. I Still have odor in the morning and want my body in balance again.

    HERBAL REGIMENT: (all supplement tablets)
    * I did not cleanse however, I plan to include “Pau d’arco” to my regiment starting tomorrow
    * Coconut Oil Supplement 4000mg (all good & effective for Candida relief)
    * Caprlyic Acid 1460 mg (anti fungal)
    * Grapefruit Seed 1000 mg (parasite remover, anti bacteria & anti fungal)
    * Chelated Molybdenum 600 mcg (to remove toxins from liver)
    * Probiotic 50 billion – formulated for vaginal care

    According to what I have read, due to the Candida’s ability to acclimate to anti-fungals, I am alternating from Caprlyic Acid & Grapefruit Seed…

    * Wild Oil of Oregano (not sure of dosage and not sure if its better to take in oil form or supplement?)
    * Black Walnut Oil (” “)
    * Pau d’arco – tea form is supposed to be best? cleansing agent, anti-fungal, immune system booster, similar to a mild cleansing detox
    agent & will help loosen stool

    * Restricting all Dairy, Cheese & Milk except for: eggs, cottage cheese & plain yogurt (I have read those are okay)
    * Have basically gone on Atkins style diet & only eating veggies, salads & meat… ugh!
    * Drinking LOTS of water, haven’t had any wine or, any Lates for that matter
    * no salad dressings, sauces or flavoring… is Apple Cider okay in a salad dressing or, only Braggs?

    In conclusion, THIS IS WAR & NEED HELP! This is so extreme and I get it however, I can’t deal with the lack food enjoyment or lifestyle. After absorbing as much information as possible, I have a better understanding of how the Candida root grows and even how it can adapt to this regiment which is required in order to starve & eliminate it! Yes, its driving me CrAzY!! However, based on the research I have read and after reading hundreds of personal stories, I am hoping I am on the right track but , need some reality so I can balance this out.

    Bottom line; I hate living like this but, I can’t live with Candida either! I want my flora back and I am desperate to feel fresh and confident again.

    Note Re; antibiotic usage: Being that I was in the medical industry, I was exposed me to many bacterial bugs & viruses. in fact, back in ‘2011, I was on long list of antibiotics for several months and NEVER experienced this “issue” before. Which is why, considering the environmental toxins I was exposed to, it seems my body served as the perfect host by offering this thing a perfect place for the mold spores (fungus) to manifest and grow. As I previously stated, due to the combination of diet, birth control pills, antacids and massive intake of antibiotics, is this Candida yeast overgrowth and can I do anything else to help conquer this QUICKLY?


    CONCERNS, QUESTIONS & CONTROVERSIES: “TRUE OR FALSE?” (please copy & paste to answer back)
    1.) I read that our intestinal PH needs to be ACIDIC in order kill Candida but, I have also read, ALKALINE is best? Acidic makes sense
    to me and looking for clarification?
    2.) I am craving and need milk… I was raised on milk and really enjoy a cold glass of Non-Fat milk. I have read milk is a “NO-NO” and yet, I
    have also read, WHOLE FAT MILK on a minimal intake is okay? Also, “ALMOND” MILK is okay? ORGANIC ONLY?
    3.) If milk is not okay, why is cottage cheese or sour cream allowed?
    3.) If an Acidic environment is ideal then why isn’t caffeine / espresso acceptable….I am dying for a Late and wondering if this is possible?
    5.) Re; PASTA: Is 100% whole wheat pasta acceptable at some point or is there an alternative?
    6.) Re; RICE: I read brown sprouted rice or red rice is okay?
    7.) Re; WINE: red wine is supposed to act as an antioxidant and wondering if this can be enjoyed on occasion?
    8.) Re; BUTTER: Real butter versus using Country Crock? Also, what about spray olive oil?
    9.) Re; Chlorine in tap water… if I make iced tea, I generally boil a pot of tap water & wondered if this should be filtered bottled water instead?

    I feel there has been a lot to gain from all this information and in fact; after being on the above mentioned supplements, my head & sinuses have never felt better which might actually be due to the Grapefruit Seed…

    I welcome any advice and if there is a way to eradicate this out of me in a fast way, please advise… This regiment seems so extreme and after researching this, I am afraid to eat anything! By the way, it’s Friday night and I would love to have a glass of wine and enjoy one of my favorite meals… how backwards will it set me in the treatment if you indulge one night?

    After hearing back from this forum, I am hoping to incorporate some reality into my diet and beat this thing. However, I can already advise that if anyone is fighting this in a similar manner, here are some things you might like to know:

    using & staying on the following before, during and even a little after treatment:
    > Chelated Molybdenum *cleanses toxins from liver & facilitates cleansing from Candida die-off
    > Pau d’arco *minor cleansing affect & loosens stool… will help with bowel movements & easily rid waste… may help to relieve constipation

    > using GREEN CHILI VERDE SALSA for extra fun flavor on salads, fish etc… Trader Joe’s has one and does not contain vinegar, sugar or anything else that will interfere with diet…. Please advise if you found anything fun to add to this regiment.


    Mess at the beach~


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    1) pH should be acidic in stomach and digestive track but rest of body should be neutral pH. Most people with CRC (candida related complex) have lack of stomach acid which causes lots of bad bugs to grow.
    2)No milk but if you occasionally have it, not a big deal but try to drink antibiotic free milk. Almond milk only ok if you make it fresh and soak the nuts first, otherwise the store bought stuff is too high in molds.
    3)At first I would try to avoid dairy but in time I would introduce it.
    4)Antibiotic and hormone free meat is what matters most, you don’t want the antibiotics to destroy your beneficial bacteria.
    5)Buckwheat and rice pasta is alternative but keep in mind that the tomato sauce you put on it has a ton of sugar which benefits the yeast (25+ g of sugar per cup of tomato sauce is very high).
    6)I would try to introduce rice later in your treatment and start out strict. Buckwheat groats are a good rice replacement.
    7)I would focus on healing first and not damaging your liver and body…wine is something I would avoid for as long as possible. I personally didn’t drink alcohol for 2 years on the diet.
    8)Butter is ok occasionally in low quantites but would generally avoid.
    9)I would worry about fluoride more than chlorine, but filtered/spring/pure/mineral water is always healthiest

    My main concern is the amount of antifungals you are consuming. The antifungals will not cure you and only kill the yeast. The yeast will survive either way. When the yeast dies it produces toxins that damage your liver. YOU NEED A DETOX PLAN!





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    Thank you & sincerely appreciate the information!! I made notes & heading to the store! I never knew you could make your own Almond milk & will be an adventure for sure… Re; toxins & detox, I am really worried about that too and even more so, “die off” affects… I learned from one of the Candida sites about “Chelated Molybdenum” & “Pau d’arco” and thought they were a smart thing to add. This gets really expensive and wish there was some sort of shot a Physician could provide! haha!

    Evidentially, Molybdenum is used by Chemo patients by cleansing liver & removing toxins and stronger than Milk Thistle… Pau d’arco is supposed to act as a mild “cleansing” agent and loosing stool to rid waste. Used in combination, I hope they will serve to detox as I go through this. I also read one study promoting the Molybdenum to take three days prior to starting this regiment to prepare body which also sounded smart…

    BTW: any news or information as to ACUPUNCTURE in order to cure this? Acupuncture has proved to heal so many things and wondering if this has been explored? Google, Google, Google!


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    I’ve used acupuncture for the last 4 years, the main thing it does is help rebalance your body and detox. It shouldn’t be used to fight candida but just improve your overall health.

    The pau d’arco is also antifungal so it can cause die-off also. Milk thistle is what I recommend.

    Chelated molybdenum is a chelating agent so it will remove some beneficial minerals from the body. Use it only during the die-off period if possible.



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    Thank you!!

    I read up on the benefits of Acupuncture last night and can see it would be very helpful for relief as we go through treatment. According the recommendations, one would have to go to a specialist, a “licensed Acupuncturist” that specializes in CANDIDA. I found a few within a 20 mile radius and looking into pricing… Evidentially, it has tremendous positive affects because Acupuncture treats the spleen & kidneys which help to eliminate toxins and relieve issues. There is a lot more to it but, like you said, its all about “over all health.”

    Just a little note on: Pau d’arco. In its tea form, this acts as a mild detox cleansing agent in the colon. It loosens stool and helps to eliminate waste from the body. I have not added this to my regiment yet but will be starting today (day 11). Being that I jumped into a pretty aggressive anti-fungal routine, I found that after a few days, I noticed my stool hardening up which seems to indicate a good sign & getting rid of all the bad stuff.

    Based on the intense research I have absorbed to almost an obsession, I decided to cross reference and research every little thing so I wouldn’t waste money and strived to spend money wisely towards healing products. Being that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of things we can add to our diets to help combat Candida, I personally only want to use the most aggressive and proven ones. On another note, I also confirmed that while, Milk Thistle is a very helpful cleansing agent for the liver, Molybdenum, as referenced in “The Candida Diet,” is much stronger and more effective for the “die off” waste… in particular, Acetaldehyde.

    I found the mineral, MOLYBDENUM, supported and documented by Physicians on in several sites and as we have learned, the toxin released during die off, ACETALDEHYDE, is extremely dangerous and will NOT excrete from the body like other waste. Molybdenum has proven to be the only mineral that will help to convert Acetaldehyde into acetic acid which facilitates the excretion process… it seems like a smart thing to take??

    Molybdenum has been documented to be a tremendous help in relieving “flu like symptoms” caused by die off. On a personal note; I am on day 11 and have not experienced any of the horrifying symptoms (yet) and have to attribute this to Molybdenum. In fact, one Physician suggested taking this three times a day for three days PRIOP to detox or cleansing to prepare the body and if this is one of the detoxing agents recommended for Chemo patients, I have to believe, it will be a tremendous tool for Candida waste.

    I am looking for the fastest, safest way to rid this from my body so I can resume a normal life… and enjoy a glass of vino! HaHa!! I don’t want to compare Candida to any of the devastating and sometimes tragic diseases out there but, admittedly, I feel completely frustrated because unlike most illnesses, this cannot be treated with surgery, laser or by any other means modern medicine has to offer. I feel like this is some sort of punishment but, it has to be one of the most personal things I have ever dealt with and had to keep hidden / private. It’s not like I can chat about this with just anyone and is why I am especially so very grateful for this forum. By the way, I have never been a big fan of dieting to begin with so this is a HUGE challenge and commitment. Most especially, not being able to enjoy a glass of Cabernet while watching the sunset which, aside from my dog, is one of my MOST favorites joys! By the way, I am not an alcoholic by any means and I don’t even drink on a daily basis or over indulge but, I figured “if and when” I was ever blessed with pregnancy would be when I gave it all up… well, this is one way to practice I guess! HaHa!

    Speaking of which, I also gave up birth control due to the estrogen and hoping all of these contributing factors will help in the long run. I am also adding Ceylon Cinnamon Tea into my daily routine… Its supposed to have amazing properties to help combat Candida.

    Yes, I am very frustrated, desperate and especially when I consider all the things I used to enjoy… for what? YEAST? To me, this Candida condition is insane and when I really think about it, this has to be one of the most creepy things that can just simply take root and make a home in my body! THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER ANSWER. Apologies for if my response or post sounds a bit aggressive but I have to admit, I am mad. I am darn mad and can’t believe that on top of all the other stress and life issues I am dealing with, I feel horrible, dirty and embarrassed about my body due to Candida.

    Well, I want to thank you again and will update soon regarding regiment. I am going shopping today and plan to make a few of these great recipes… will be making bone broth for sure and looking for a desert alternative. I have been enjoying Sugar Free Popsicles which are made with Aspartame but, not sure if thats such a smart thing? Hoping for alternatives…

    Thanks & have a great day!


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    I totally symathize!!! Equally distraught! I had this – knowingly – 20 years ago, followed Elaine Gottschall’s book ‘Breaking the Vicious Cycle’, found nothing enjoyable left to eat, went from 52 to 45 kilos and my body image suffered tremendously. My marriage was on the blink already so it had probably been brought on by the stress.
    At some stage I decided I could not cope and just pigged right out, eating all the foods I’d had before (I had already been on a pretty safe diet, no sugar, wholemeal bread etc when I knew but a fraction of what I know now about nutrition.)
    I put my weight back on and lived.

    The last few years have taken another stress toll – I don’t do spirits, ciggys, antibiotics, prescription drugs, but I think stress alone is perfectly enough. I’m tired, irritable, anxious, have IBS symptoms that can be very annoying, brain fag, concentration issues, crawling in the head and occasional dizzies (mild enough so I can do anything but still very unsettling). My practitioner worked on self sabotage, not allowing myself to enjoy my food and put me on easy to digest stuff I hadn’t touched since I was 27 years old (I’m a rather sprightly and active 63year old). Backfired badly.

    I just found Linda’s site and ordered her book, considering maybe a colonoscopy for clarification, and then the Candida diet. Now I’m very worried because what we are meant to need for good health is now heavily curtailed, where do you draw the line? Alkaline bodies stay healthy – we need as many different nutrients as possible – I’m not huge on green leafies but love fruit, now that’s out – butter -grass-fed/organic- is now a health food and petite ones like me should tuck in but it’s dairy (I looooove cheese but already sacrificed that except for goats feta) – the list goes on.

    Basically I need to put on 3 – 4 kilos to reclaim my relative voluptiousness so I can like myself again in the mirror, but I’m at a loss how to do that on the diet. Besides, not a keen cook. Also moving home, contents, three horses and a cat from 36 acres onto a new block next month so more stress still! Pretending it’s not happening ain’t the answer. I could put on weight easily on foods normally considered healthy – such a sourdough rye bread with gouda cheese and lettuce/tomato… but then the symptoms get worse.

    I may not have been much help this time around, just had to let off steam, but it actually helped me reading your story (we’re not alone) and psychologically a support group of sorts is hugely important. Our friends are not that interested. Every time you contact your practitioner, you pay. It gets expensive.

    All we want to do is be healthy and function! And now there’s a danger: if you get well as a member of the post natal depression group or any other, ‘you’re out’ and alone again. We must safeguard getting subconsciously addicted to our problem so we have a realistic chance of getting over it!

    Mow, what’s for lunch??? 🙁


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    I recommend checking out teff bread to gain weight. Highly nutritious and provides over 200+ strains of bacteria. Easy to make too. You can also make a kefir teff bread that provides probiotics also.



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    Hi Birke…

    Thank you for you for sharing and your experience really touched my heart. I sympathize and being new to this, I am overwhelmed by how this “condition” has affected the quality of life of so many people. I had no idea and is why I am determined to find a fast, safe way to beat this. I admit, we will each have to strive for success in our own way depending on degree of symptoms.

    I am declaring war on CANDIDA and determined to find a common sense way of dealing with this… I hope you are feeling better and valued your story. Thank you & hang in there!! Please keep me updated!!!

    Wishing you a great day!

    Mess at the beach~

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