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    So DVJorge said he took 3 million units of nystatin a day orally to fight off candida. Well I got a $300 bottle of nystatin from Fludan and am trying to figure out the math to replicate this.

    What I know about it: comes in a container labeled ‘1BU’
    Net Weight is ‘153 grams’
    Potency is ‘6536 I.U./mg’

    Trying to figure out how to convert 3 million units to grams or percentage of grams. Told it maybe .45 grams. Also told ‘3,000,000 IU x (1mg/6536IU) x (1g/0.001mg)= ~458,996 grams’
    Which would be crazy because then this whole large bottle of nystatin would’t even be a days dosage on the protocol DVJ used. Thoughts?


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    If the container contains 1 billion units then 1 million is a thousandth of that.
    One thousandth of 153 grams is 153 milligrams. If you want 3 million units then you take 3*153= 459 milligrams. This is three thousandths of the total container so it would last you 333 days.

    Did I understand your question correctly?

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