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    So I’ve been on this candida diet for maybe a day and a half, and today I goto work and I nearly feel like I’m about to pass out. Like I got really spacey to a bad point. To combat it, I drank a little soda and felt myself get more in touch with reality.. however my weird brain fog came when I started drinking the soda. I had to leave work because I was worried I was going to pass out completely.


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    Hi, I felt like that after the first few days too. Today I felt it again after doing a big work out (I’ve been on the diet seriously for 5 days) – I was very dizzy. Best not to drink soda – just water. And ensure you eat every few hours. Some avocado on rice cakes or some tuna mixed with tomato and cucumber. And have some nuts handy (ensure they are fresh) to nibble on. I find I feel much better with lots of water and regularly food. Hope this helps. 🙂


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    Greetings, bryce54 and NLFM, and welcome to the new adventure in experiencing the Candida diet. It’s filled with such experiences as you’ve described, especially in the beginning until you learn more about what you’re doing and how to control things.

    I’ve been “deep” into the Candida diet phrase 1 for over five months. I actually “started” the diet (or so I thought) seven months ago, but later saw that I was not aware of an awful lot of things about the diet or the seriousness of the it. Like both of you, I was eating a few things that I should not have been digesting at all. Then after two months on my ‘so called diet’ – BANG … I was hit with the full force of a Candida infestation. This very nearly immobilized me. I had no choice at this point but to go full-force into the Candida diet with absolutely no exceptions. This meant green veggies, eggs, coconut oil, and organic chicken only. I’m talking about a minimum of chicken three times a week, because occasionally I would feel slight reactions from even the chicken.

    First let’s talk about the rice cakes: If I tried to eat even half of one rice cake today, I would experience reactions from it which would last well into tomorrow. Simply put, unless the rice cakes is made with brown rice, they contain carbs, and once in your gut, these carbs break down into sugars … and bingo, you’re feeding the hungry Candida, which in turn produces more Candida.

    The very same thing happens with soda, any soda, even the diet unless you can find a diet soda with either Truvia or 100% pure Stevia extract. Although, it’s true that some people with Candida can tolerate xylitol and a few others. For this you’ll just have to experiment like we all did, but just be careful of the sugar alcohol, because Candida can feed on this as well as regular sugar. As far as my own reactions, I can only tolerate Truvia.
    Once you begin to have “immediate” (within an hour or two) strong reactions to a food item, you’ll have no choice but to be more conscious of exactly what you’re eating.

    Bryce54, as far as your feeling like you’re about to pass out and the ‘spacey’ feeling in your head are concerned, this sounds exactly like die-off symptoms. I assume you’ve read the description of die-off symptoms, if not, you should so that you’ll know the next time you experience these nightmares. I’ve actually heard of people passing out from very strong symptoms, so please be careful.
    Don’t walk, run to your nearest vitamin or health food store and buy yourself a product by the name of Molybdenum, it’s not at all expensive, especially when compared to many of the antifungals, etc, that we’re told to take.

    Below is an explanation of why you felt the way you did:
    When your diet or an antifungal kills the yeast cells (Candida), the cells literally rupture and spill the contents, which are strong toxins, into your bloodstream. These toxins can cause as well as increase the pain and suffering of die-off. If the toxic load is not reduced somehow, and the die-off is bad enough, then increased symptoms such as malaise, fatigue, myalgia, headaches, rashes, and a plethora of problems and even fainting can result.
    Molybdenum is uniquely specific in dealing with these toxins, reducing die- off symptoms.

    I can give you a personal testimonial that Molybdenum does indeed work wonders. It was a life-saver for me when I was at a point of experiencing die-off symptoms every day because of having a build-up of the toxins.

    As far as your food intake is concerned, you need to eat and eat as often and as much as necessary so that you do not begin to feel weak and fatigued. It took me about a month to get this right, and I still fail occasionally. Just eat, and you’re going to have to eat an awful lot in order to hold down a job outside your home. I’m very lucky in that I work from a home office, and have the advantage of stopping anytime I need to in order to obtain more nourishment. Eggs can be a life-saver for you as they were for me. As long as you’re not allergic to them, eat them with everything and as many as you can manage. Just be sure to purchase only organic eggs. Plain Greek yogurt is another one, but don’t overdo it with this like having too much at one time or too often within a day. You also have to be careful with any type of nuts, I don’t care what any ‘expert’ says, you may not be able tolerate them. After five months of the diet (knowing all along I could not tolerate any type of nut), I finally dared to attempt eating 6 small almonds which I had soaked in water overnight, and I received fairly strong reactions from them within two hours of ingesting them, so I’ll probably wait another three months before trying again.

    Good luck to you both.


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    Thanks Helmax! There is so much to learn from other’s experiences. But there is also a lot of conflicting information! My naturapath said I can have corn or brown rice (gluten/sugar free) cakes or crackers. I’m not allowed dairy – so having soy milk but I discovered it has cane sugar in it so now on brown rice milk to have with brown rice puffs for breakfast. I guess when it comes to us humans everyone’s different and therefore we can tolerate some things/not others. In my research I’ve discovered many discrepancies in terms of what is suitable for various stages of the treatment. I’m fully prepared to do learn more, try anything so I can get well. Keep up the feedback so those of us new to this can learn and try to see what works for us. Cheers, Nina


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    Hi. Thank you for the food suggestion NLFM.

    Thank you for the detailed response Able900.

    At the time of this posting, I was unaware of the die off symptoms and actually went into a panic at the time thinking I was having some weird food reactions lol then I felt like passing out at work.

    However, I am no longer working and will be taking time off in order to combat this because I have found out that it’s pretty hard to work a job while doing this. I really don’t want another situation like that again. I got these light headed feelings again tonight while eating broccli, but I was on the comfort of my couch and could drink water and handle the situation so I’m just going to take it easy for the next few weeks.

    Thank you for the advice on the anti fungals and I will look into that.


    disco flavor
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    bryce54 wrote: So I’ve been on this candida diet for maybe a day and a half, and today I goto work and I nearly feel like I’m about to pass out. Like I got really spacey to a bad point. To combat it, I drank a little soda and felt myself get more in touch with reality.. however my weird brain fog came when I started drinking the soda. I had to leave work because I was worried I was going to pass out completely.

    It gets MUCH easier as time goes on. If you were experiencing that after only a day and a half, it’s definitely not die-off like everyone above said. That takes many days to start happening. Think about it… yeast doesn’t just start dying when you get hungry. lol

    What you were experiencing was simply put: lack of sugar. I went through the same thing. Most of us live our lives with a regular sugar intake throughout the day, and our bodies learn to function in a way that utilizes that sugar. When you take it away, your body needs to switch to a new method of processing food, one that converts complex foods like protein and whole grains into sugar instead of just getting the sugar directly. When you make this switch fast, your body hasn’t yet had enough time to become accustomed to the new diet, and so your sugar levels were probably very low, which gives you trouble thinking and extreme exhaustion.

    I remembering thinking “if this is what it’s going to feel like for the next two months, I quit.” but by the third day, I felt much better. I’m now three weeks in, and I literally don’t even have sugar cravings anymore.

    It gets much easier homie.


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