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    Captain Hair
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    I’m hoping someone here can provide me some feedback or advice on my situation. Honestly I’m not sure where to turn at this point.

    Sorry for the length but I want to provide as much pertinent information as I can. Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to read this. And thank you twice to anyone who can provide any helpful info/feedback.

    Here is my story . . .

    I am in my mid thirties (USA – in the mid west, male). In my late teens I stopped having regular stools. It became what I referred to as pencil-rhea (I think some people refer to them as the snakes). It soon became that this is all I had (no more normal formed stools). My folks didn’t eat a healthy diet and also during this time I was under a lot of stress. I saw my family doctor multiple times and he insisted I just needed more fiber in my diet. However, no matter what level I put into my diet it made no change.

    In my mid twenties I stopped having pencil-rhea and started having full blown diarrhea. And over the course of the next few years it became so bad that I had to work from home. The episodes were so bad and intense that a couple times I had to go to the ER. I would spend hours at a time in the bathroom getting sick the entire time.

    I had a new family doctor at this point and he was convinced that it was purely stress related. Of course I pointed out most people would appear under a lot of stress if every time they ate something they got violently sick. However, he had me try several SRI’s with the reasoning being the GI system has its own mini nervous system and these might get it back into proper working order. Over the next two years I saw no change. I was also sent to a psychologist would planned to teach me how to “with mind over matter” keep from getting sick. I tried, but after crapping my pants in his office, I think he came to realize, it was something more than just stress.

    Shortly thereafter I sought out the help of multiple gastroenterologists. After being a human pin cushion for about a year, I was told my GI system looked great and they had no idea why I was getting sick. They took all kinds of stool samples, performed colonoscopies, upper GI scans, etc and said everything was great.

    I then turned to a couple immunologist but really got nowhere with them either. I was told it wasn’t food allergies but beyond that they had no ideas.

    I kept getting sicker and sicker. Finally, so that I could work a normal job and stay at my desk, I started taking 6 Imodium a day. I felt terrible. I knew my body wanted that stuff out of my system faster and it was making me tired and achy. On top of it I still got sick about three times a week at a couple hours a pop. But at least I could work a “normal” job.

    ******* Then about a year and a half ago I heard about the condition “Gluten Intolerance” and saw some overlap and decided I would try an exclusion diet mentioned in a book I read. Contrary to what every doctor told me, food was playing a role in this. For the first time since I was a teenager I WAS REGULAR. I was on top of the world for a couple weeks. I saw more progress with this diet then anything I had tried for 15 years.

    I did run into some problems though. I would still have periodic bouts of diarrhea. I would go a week sometimes two weeks and then bam I would get sick two or three days in a row. Looking back into my food journal I noticed it had to do with when I got a new batch of meat from the store. My wife suggested trying organic meat. SO I SWITCHED TO JUST ORGANIC MEAT AND I HAD NO MORE OCCURRENCES, SO LONG AS I STAYED ON THE EXCLUSION DIET.
    Organic meat was NOT something listed as needing to be watch so I was caught off guard, but the proof was in the pudding.

    Here is an outline of what I have been eating (for the most part all year).

    3 eggs scrambled.
    1 glass of 2% white milk. I add 1 cup of Breyers ice cream, “All Natural Original Chocolate”. This ice cream was listed as safe for Gluten suffers.

    In between Breakfast and Lunch I have a full glass of water.

    Pork chops or steak (Organic from Whole Foods). Verified all of the meets I eat from Whole Food are antibiotic free.
    White Rice (10 Minute Success Boil-in-Bag White Rice).
    ½ cup Mayonnaise (Hellmann’s Light Mayonnaise – listed as safe for Gluten suffers).
    1 glass of 2% white milk. I add 1 cup of Breyers ice cream, “All Natural Original Chocolate”.

    In between Lunch and dinner I have a full glass of water.

    Pork chops or steak (Organic from Whole Foods). Verified all of the meets I eat from Whole Food are antibiotic free.
    Diced potato’s cooked in butter. The butter is 365 Everyday Value Organic Butter from Whole Foods.
    1 glass of 2% white milk. I add 1 cup of Breyers ice cream, “All Natural Original Chocolate”.

    Late night snack:
    I’ve had a small bowl of Breyers ice cream periodically before bed (and yes I know that is not a good move).

    So all I am eating is egg, organic steak/pork chops (antibiotic free), white rice, potato, real butter, milk, mayo, and ice cream.

    After a period of time I took the first step of expanding my diet. The recommendation was to eat some fresh fruit (which would all be safe for Gluten Intolerance suffers). So I chose a peach. Within an hour I was terribly sick and had a massive amount of diarrhea. So I went a couple weeks without anything new to make sure my system calmed down. Then I tried eating a carrot (also listed as safe). Again I got terribly sick.

    At this point I knew this wasn’t just Gluten Intolerance. I found out about a condition called “Fructose malabsorption”. There were some things that seemed to overlap, but again things that should be okay, weren’t. Like lima beans should be ok, but again I ate some and got terribly sick.

    Then I read about the condition of “Candida” and I did notice some things that looked like an overlap with my situation. Namely typical over the counter meats aggravating Candida by reintroducing antibiotics into the GI system, and that some people can only eat organic meats which are antibiotics free. And from what I read it looks like many people suffering with Candida have a hard time with the fruits and vegetables I tried because they break down into sugar which feeds the beats. But with that I also have to wonder why I am able to eat that ice-cream and potatoes without any problems.

    About 2 weeks ago I started taking 1 Culturelle Probiotic with every meal I have. It seems to have made me somewhat constipated. Additionally I am passing A LOT of MUCUS with just about every bowel movement.

    Okay, a lot of information but I have no one at this point I can ask.


    1. Does this sound like Candida could be my underling problem?

    2. Can someone tell me why I can eat the potatoes and ice-cream and not have diarrhea but a single carrot sends me running to the bath room for hours?

    3. Does this sound like a different condition that perhaps I should look into?

    4. Is there any kind of reliable test I could take to see if this is Candida? Some of what I have read makes it sound like there isn’t since a certain degree of the bacteria should be in all of us.

    5. I need to be able to eat something else. Can someone point me in the direction of a simple and accepted as safe Candida diet?

    6. Can I resolve this with Culturelle? A site I visited said if I take 3 a day for a month, I should find myself in a state where I can eat an expanded diet (like I would be able to have a piece of bread or a slice of pizza) and not get sick later.

    7. What kind of doctor should I seek out to get more help (dietitian, gastroenterologist, something else)?

    8. What is Threelac? Some of the sites make it sound like people take it and can go back on a normal diet so long as they take it forever. If the crap I was eating before helped cause this, then I don’t want to eat it (fast food, antibiotics, etc). But it would be nice if I could buy non organic meat as it is supper expensive. It would also be nice if I could have something on the side so I could have less meat.

    And Threelac really do this? Some of the sites I visited also made it sound like this stuff could kill you or at least make you very sick. Is that true?

    To anyone who took the time to read this, thank you. And to anyone who replies thank you a lot. I am at a loss as to where to turn next and I need help.

    With my heart filled thank you,

    Captain Hair


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    Hi there
    Im sorry I cannot give you a definate answer but if you have exhausted all other tests and are still ill then it maybe points to candida or a general imbalance.
    I have just got back from ym fisrt reiki appointment and she made more sense to me than an doctor ever as.
    She felt my chakras ( energy centres) and pointed to exactly where the imbalances where. She said it should take 3 minutes to release positve energy at most but she spent 15 minutes on one and the other she couldnt do more with on the one session.
    It seems to me that you need to speak to a nutritionalist and see about these alternative health practices. They treat you as an whole not just a symptom.
    You can be intolerant of just about anything food or chemical etc so its possible you are just simply intolerent of certain things but if you have tried conventional medicene doesnt work i would definatley look into the alternative.
    I need about 6 sessions each cost £20 , I have lost my jobs and had to take out a loan to get by but Im so desperate to get well I see it as an investment.
    If you find anyhing that works for you then please share it with us, thanks.


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    ps I have been on the diet for 8 weeks. I started candida clear supplements about 2 weeks ago, I had a severe die off that caused 3 weeks constipation. I have since been but like you its very loose at times.
    from the reviews Ive read we seem to be trying out just about anything that destroys the yeast overgrowth, what works for one might not be so good for another. I find candida clear a bit strong but its good stuff. Also I take probiotics every day to rebalance my gut.
    Also I find certain ok foods make me ill too so its probably just tial and error. get well soon !


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    Hi. I’m sorry to hear about all the trouble you’re having with your bowels. They’re a definite nuisance. Mine have bothered me my entire life, but I have the opposite problem.

    I have a question for you. Did your GI doctor check for eosinophils? I’m only asking because I was diagnosed with an eosinophil disorder (eosinophilic esophagitis) five years ago and I’ve heard of people that have eosinophilic gastroenteritis that have the same symptoms you’re having. Perhaps your GI doctor didn’t check for eosinophils because eosinophilic disorders are a ‘new’ thing; doctors and scientists have only known about them for 10 years or so.

    If you do find out that you have an eosinophilic disorder, I’m sorry to say that there’s not much in the way of treatment options. Steroids seem to be the drug of choice to stem the inflammation, which, by the way, I refused. There’s also Singular, which didn’t work for me. Or you can keep on doing what you’re doing (and what I’m doing) – avoiding the foods that cause the problem and praying that someone somewhere finds the cause and cure for this disorder.

    I just had a thought. I’m wondering if Benadryl would help you. It helps me when I’m having an EE episode. Keeps the inflammation and eosinophils calmed down.

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