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    Ok this is gross, but had to see what you think…this is after 3-5 mins tops the strands were forming. I’d say positive for Candida, what do you think? I have been suffering a Gluten/Wheat/Milk/Soy allergy for years now with tons of weight gain, dizzyness,irritability,insomnia, sleep apnea,muscle weakness,constipation..and haven’t been able to work since 08′.
    I constantly get these hunger/weakness bouts that come every 4-5 hours where I start shaking and have almost a panic attack like a severe blood sugar drop, but checked it and it was in normal range at the time. I am tired of living like this, and even after 2 years of a gluten-free diet {no fastfood or allergy foods} I am still feeling terrible on and off with no energy that coffee {either cafinated or decaf still creates the gnawing in my stomach to eat something}. Anyone else get this? Thank you ahead of time for reading this..


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    wow it looks like you definitely have Candida… its cloudy and it has strings coming down from the top.. i think thats gotta mean its a positive result.

    when i do i the spit test i get a few strings going down but tahts way more..

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