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    Hey guys, I’d like to get some opinions on whether you think I have a problem with candida or not.

    My main symptom is acne which generally appears on my face and to a lesser extent my arms and legs. By acne I mean red spots that when popped release a clear liquid and can swell a little/get quite sore. I also get some stomach aches/bloating every so often.

    I suspected dairy (milk/cheese, not yogurt) and wheat were giving me stomach ache/bloating for a couple years and cut those out of my diet best I could (use to have a sandwich every weekday for a few years). For about a year I then had a bowl of muesli and yogurt for lunch, could be the amount of dried fruit I was eating that has brought me here.

    My acne kicked up a notch in February. Went to the doctor, they thought it was folliculitis, given 30 days of antibiotics, cleared it up, then came straight back the day after I finished them, did it again, same. Then I found this place not long after that and started following the diet and it has mostly cleared up, I still get the odd spot, but I guess that’s normal.

    Its been two months on the diet (did the cleanse too) and for the past week I’ve stopped taking candidate, molybdenum, SF722 and have not yet had a relapse. I developed eczema around my mouth and couldn’t work out which one was causing it, so have stopped them all and the eczema is going away. Could that be something to do with my liver?

    My Diet:

    Breakfast: Oat bran/stevia/cinnamon

    Lunch/dinner varies between a combination of: chicken, lentils, veggie chilli (started including red kidney beans in it). I always include a salad/vegetables and try to only buy organic.

    Snacks: kallo rice cakes, coconut bread

    Drinks: water, hot water with a bit of lemon

    Daily tablets: vitamin C, omega 3, megaflora 20bn, allergy tablet for hayfever/dust.

    Went to see a dermatologist a couple weeks ago and he recommended putting me on three months of antibiotics as he was quite sure it was just a case of acne. He wasn’t really interested in the idea of candida and seemed quite dismissive of the possibility, or maybe I was a little biased having read so much on here.

    Should I still be taking candidate and molybdenum at this point or are they more to do with the cleanse stage?

    What do you guys think?



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    It sounds like your doctor thinks you have some kind of gut flora disorder or problem and wants to prescribe antibiotics. The unfortunate thing about this is that it could make things worse and it doesn’t rebalance the gut flora in your gut.

    I think you have a general toxicity problem. This likely has impaired your liver health and so instead of detoxing normally via the liver, your are detoxing via other means. Some people detox via the lungs (asthma) and some people detox via the skin. If you were to try to heal your liver by taking liver cleansing herbs, you likely will notice long term benefits.

    Another way to detox is to sweat out the toxins by doing hot tub, sauna, steam room, etc. and this likely would improve your skin greatly also. You could also do acupuncture which will help you detox and instruct your body to work properly/better.

    A good naturopath would likely have some remedies that would get you cleaned up properly and faster so that the acne doesn’t return.

    Candidate and molybenum are for die-off and so if you don’t have any die-off, then you don’t need it. I would switch to liver cleansing herbs.



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    Appreciate the reply raster, I’ll check out a naturopath and liver cleansing herbs. Thanks!

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