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    im curious, has candida caused your allergys? can you get rid of the allergys?


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    i’ve been wondering about this. I know when you have candida you get sensitive to alot of things. but i have heard that candida can be the result of an alergy. which im not sure if its an alergy that has always been there or if it develops later on in life which then causes the candida.

    so for intstance i think that my “alergy” or “intolerene” is either potatoes or wheat. for some reason i think it may be both. Confusing! :S


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    Besides messing up my back, it has been my main issue. (congestion from it, causing sleep apnea as well) I never had any food allergies before, however it made me sensitive to most everything at it’s peak. Regular nose doctor called it non-allergen rhinitis, saying something in the air was causing it. Thus I spent a couple years looking at my environment, until I finally figured out it was food.

    I have been working with a naturopath doing NAET testing and elimination. They were able to test me and I had a long list of foods my body didn’t like. I started getting desensitized to my list, while at the same time trying to do most of the candida diet. This was about 1-1/2 years ago when I discovered it was candida. I took out gluten and sugars most of the time, however 90-95% didn’t cut it. It helped me to feel better, and allowed me to eat more things. However about 6 months ago, I decided it was time,and did the diet hardcore. By the time the yeast was out of my system, the foods my body didn’t like really shrank (including yeast as one of them). There are still a few things my body has issues with, but am working to get rid of them. I cheated the other day and had thin crust pizza (veggie) and actual chocolate. After 6 months was nice to take it easy for a day. I however am back on the diet, but have added more fruit back in plus maybe once a week a sauce like BBQ or teriyaki. Naturopath says I don’t have to be on diet anymore, but I prefer to be cautious, plus I can’t go back to eating bad. I also realized through the testing my body didn’t handle protein well. So started taking digestive enzymes when I eat meat. (could be a cause of candida due to stress it causes on body).

    Candida can cause what’s called leaky gut. It pokes holes into you intestines, thus allowing food particles into you bloodstream. These aren’t supposed to be there so your immune system fights it causing an allergic reaction to many foods. Also makes it so you don’t absorb the vitamins and nutrients of the food. So you have to get rid of candida, and keep the body clean so gut can heal.

    It is a slow process but you too can get rid of all or most of your allergies, just take it one food at a time. Unfortuantely my insurance doesn’t cover most of it, so been an expensive 5 years in medical. 4 to figure it out, and 1-1/2 for naturopath help. But in the end it will be worth it. I’ll be healthy and continue to eat healthy. It’s amazing how much more energy one has when they can actually breathe.

    Back is another issue. Doing better, but it really messed me up, so not sure if will ever be the same as pre-candida.

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